The Indian Institute of Management Case Research Centre (IIMCRC) hosted a two-day workshop on the Case Method during 2nd and 3rd March 2017. The workshop has been extremely interactive emphasizing the utilities of the case based learning in management schools and other institutions across India and abroad. The outset of the workshop on Day 1 with the lectures on topics such as "Teaching with Cases" and "Writing Effective Case Studies" by Prof. Philip Zerillo, Singapore Management University has been phenomenal in enriching the knowledge essential for the development of the teaching cases and using case studies as a teaching tool. Several faculties, researchers, corporate employees, and scholars who participated in the workshop were extremely privileged to engage themselves into invigorating interaction with Prof. Philip Zerillo to learn the tricks of the trade. Being the Executive Director of Case Writing Initiative at the Singapore Management University, Dr Zerillo reflected his erudition on the subject matter by sharing his experiences of teaching and writing cases. Several anecdotes illustrated by him made the learning complete and comprehensive.