Chief Financial Officer Programme (CFO)

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Chief Financial Officer Programme (CFO)

This programme is designed to equip participants with the skills and expertise to be an effective CFO in the 21st-century workplace. As we see the CFO's evolving role as a strategic partner, this programme will help participants evaluate businesses' strategies to make better strategic financial decisions. It will help gain knowledge about a business's value drivers and leveraging them to maximize business value and financial performance. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of managing capital markets, financial performance and regulations, stakeholder management, etc. It provides the tools and frameworks to build strategic alliances with critical stakeholders, and enhance their leadership skills to lead an organization through globalization and growth.

The programme is divided into two broad modules - CFO essentials and the Future CFO. The first module provides critical insights on contemporary developments in the financial ecosystem, and lays foundation on the linkage between corporate strategy and firm value creation. The first module also emphasises the need and importance of data-driven decision making and how that improves overall corporate governance and investors' confidence. The second module discusses themes that are important for any CFO to become a strategic thinker. The second module highlights how greater external uncertainty and digital disruptions have changed the business landscape and thus the role that a future CFO should play.

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