ISG - Internet Solutions Group


The Internet Solutions Group (ISG) at IIM Calcutta is a student team that works to make life on campus more convenient and efficient through the use of internet based applications and technology. The ISG is an entirely student-run entrepreneurial effort that touches almost every aspect of campus life at IIM Calcutta.

Comprising entirely of student volunteers, the ISG is a highly motivated team that drives innovation, development, improves workflows and facilitates the development of cutting-edge technology for the college website and intranet.

The ISG at IIM Calcutta was founded by the students of the 36th batch, who wanted to foster a sense of community interaction and bring IIM Calcutta into the internet age. In the year 2000, the ISG created IIM Calcutta’s first internal website, called the ‘extranet’, and a discussion forum, fondly remembered by old-timers as the ‘blue board’.

Today, apart from this website for external visitors, IIM Calcutta manages a comprehensive system of portals and web applications for internal use, for everything from academic coursework to on-campus gossip.

As on any modern campus, the internet is an indispensable part of academic and social life at IIM Calcutta, and the ISG is at the forefront of the effort to use technology to help you get the most of your time at IIM Calcutta.