The IIMC Case Research Centre (IIMCCRC) was launched in June 2012.

Organizing its first case research workshop on case writing, teaching and research in the new academic block of the campus on June 14-15, 2012 officially launched the IIMCCRC. The workshop was two-day long and had three eminent speakers. Day 1 had two sessions, Managing Case Writing conducted by Jeroen van den Berg, center manager of the Center for Business Case Studies, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, followed by Case Selection and Case Writing by Anjali Raina, executive director, Harvard Business School India Research Center.

Day 2 had one workshop; Art of Case Writing conducted by Jim Erskine, emeritus professor of operations management, Ivey Business School, Canada.The workshop aimed to provide a suitable platform to learn from these three learned leaders. Participants could spread the boundaries of their knowledge in case writing, teaching and research. It also provided an opportunity to network with speakers associated with the three leading case repositories in the world - Ivey, HBS, and ACRC (HKU).

Since then, the IIMCCRC has served as the incubation centre for several case studies. We have established relationships with several companies and institutions such as Microsoft India, HDFC Bank, Exide Batteries, Aravind Eyecare and the Kolkata Police Force.

Case Research Center
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