Application Process

I do not have a GMAT score. Am I eligible for applying to PGPEX-VLM?

Yes, you are eligible. GMAT/GRE score is not mandatory.

Do I get a Post-Graduate Diploma at the completion of the Program?

A Joint Post Graduate Diploma in Management for Executives in Manufacturing will be awarded jointly by IIMC, IITK, and IITM on successful completion of the program subject to compliance of all formalities and terms by the candidate.

What are the estimated expenses for boarding, lodging, and industry tours?

  • Cost of accommodation and boarding at IIM/IIT: approximately Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 8,000 pm (on actuals)
  • Cost of domestic visits/ tours: approximately Rs. 60,000/- Sixty thousand(on actuals)
  • Cost of international visit/ tours: approximately Rs. 2 lacs (on actuals)

What is the batch size of the Program?

The batch size is 40 for academic year 2022-23.

Will I be provided family accommodation during my course work?

No family accommodation would be provided. Furnished single/twin sharing basis accommodation would be provided.

What are the evaluation criteria during the Program and will I have to pass examination at the end of the Program to get the Diploma?

Each course will have continuous evaluation system based on pedagogy and can include examination, term projects, class interaction etc. Each course will be graded and grade point average will be calculated for each term and full course. You will be required to maintain prescribed academic standard to complete the course. Inability to do so will result in dismissal from the programme as per the prescribed regulation of each Institute.

Would there be any essay questions and/or recommendations in application form?

Yes, and they are closely considered for selection along with other experience credentials.

I applied last year didn’t get through to final selection , can I apply again?

Yes, as long as you fulfill eligibility criteria you can apply, your last failure would not be accounted for selection.

What is the structure of the Written Test?

The duration of the Written Test is 2 hours. The test comprises three parts. Part I consists of analytical ability, Part II verbal abilities and Part III engineering aptitude.

What will be the pattern of engineering aptitude section in the written test?

There is no prescribed syllabus for the engineering aptitude section of the Written Test. The idea is to test the candidate's ability to apply some fundamental engineering concepts across various disciplines. Specific and advanced level preparation of any particular branch of engineering is not required.