VLMP Lecture Series

Leadership Talks

Digital Warehousing, Digital
supply chain solutions

Mr. Sangeet Kumar

CEO and Co-founder

Addverb Technologies Private Limited

Date: 21.06.21

Presentation topic:
The leverage of warehouse automation and IoT in supply chain management.
Presentation summary
  • Design of digital warehouse.
  • Managing ML and AI enabled intelligent vehicles for digital warehouse.
  • Innovations in microfulfillment centres and their immense capability.
  • Operational effectiveness of digital warehouse.

Mr. Kumar addressed the students of PGPEX VLM 15th batch, about the innovations he implemented and the challenges faced in the digital warehouse. He discussed the importance of AI and ML-enabled solutions in modern digital warehouses and emphasized the role of micro fulfillment centers in supply chain management. Mr. Kumar also showed various robotic vehicles and conveyors that he introduced in the digital warehouse solutions.

Electric vehicle, green energy
mobility solutions

Dr. Amitabh Saran

CEO and Co-founder

Altigreen Propulsion Labs

Date: 24.06.21

Presentation topic:
Entrepreneurship, innovation and electric mobility (as the future of transportation, in the context of India)
Presentation summary
  • Electric vehicle potential in the Indian Automobile Sector.
  • His unique policy of "made in India" and "made for India" thought process and his journey of entrepreneurship.
  • Necessity of Innovation and the economic benefit of innovation.
  • How to make the world greener than today.

Dr. Saran addressed the PGPEX VLM 15'th batch about his journey, from his early days to founding Altigreen Propulsion Labs. He emphasized the mindset of being an entrepreneur to serve maximum value to society. He explained today's environmental challenges faced due to hydrocarbon pollutions and suggested efficient ways to counter it for a better tomorrow.

Digitalization & Project Management

Mr. Vivek Javani

Digital Officer & IT Lead L&T Defence

Hazira Factory

Date: 26.06.21

Presentation topic:Achieving Manufacturing Optimization through Digitalization.
Presentation summary
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Digital Supply Chain
  • Challenges in Digital Transformation
  • Robotic Process Automation

Mr. Vivek Javani, Digital Officer & IT Lead - L&T Defence addressed the cohort of PGPEX VLM Batch-15 on 26th June 2021 on the topic"Achieving Manufacturing Optimization through Digitalization". He shared his experience as a Project Manager, how he delivered several high complexity defense projects successfully over years at L&T. He also discussed how to overcome resistance during Digital Transformation and certain concepts of the Digital Supply Chain.

Strategy formulation, Operations
management, Process Excellence

Mr. Rakesh Singh

CEO & Executive Director

Mahindra Solarize

Date: 27.06.21

Presentation topic:
Future of Solar Energy
Presentation summary
  • Solar power in India and its future potential.
  • Changing scenario of renewable energy generation.
  • Challenges in adopting roof-top solar panels for domestic purposes.
  • Government policies to energize renewable sources.

Mr.Rakesh Singh, CEO & Executive Director, Mahindra Solarize addressed the cohort of PGPEX VLM Batch-15 on the topic "Future of Solar Energy ". He shared his experience as CEO, Mahindra Solarize how he has driven the extraordinary journey of executing the solar power business with a sense of greener tomorrow. He also shared the huge potential of the Indian market especially that of the domestic consumption of solar power and he described how we can achieve the targets of reducing carbon footprint reasonably.

Management & Automotive
components Manufacturing

Mr. Kaniappan P

Managing Director

ZF Group, WABCO India Limited

Date: 04.07.21

Presentation topic:
Manufacturing excellence
Presentation summary
  • Digital Transformation and its importance
  • Systematic approach towards manufacturing excellence
  • Enhancement of employees' capabilities
  • Data analytics and its importance in today's manufacturing

Mr. Kaniappan addressed the students about the step-by-step approaches he followed in WABCO INDIA Ltd to achieve Manufacturing excellence. He also discussed the importance of daily operation management and policy management in WABCO. He explained the enormous opportunity in digital transformation and the electric vehicle industry in India. In the end, he interacted with students and enlightened them with some more insights while answering the questions.

Technology Development
& New Materials Business

Dr. Debashish


Vice President

Technology & New Materials

Business, Tata Steel

Date: 11.07.21

Presentation topic:
Sustainability Challenges for India
Presentation summary
  • Sustainability Challenges in Steel Manufacturing
  • Advantage of Carbon Sequestration, Use of Hydrogen for decarbonization, etc.
  • Opportunity related to recycling of e-waste
  • How urban mining is overtaking conventional mining

Mr. Bhattacharjee discussed the Carbon Emission problem in the Steel Industry and various sustainable solutions like Carbon Sequestration, Use of Hydrogen for decarbonization, etc. He also emphasized the importance of Urban Mining which can help in sustainably meeting the growing material demand across the globe. He also discussed the Innovation opportunities regarding the Indigenization of Advanced Battery Materials for EVs in emerging economies like India.

Spearheading India's various
chemical industries, former board
member of Indian Chemical Council,
FICCI, CII, MCCI, BIS and many
industry and various Government

Mr. C G Sethuram

Group CEO


Date: 18.07.21

Presentation topic:
Organisation and Individual - Experiences in Technology Oriented Management
Presentation summary
  • Efficient way of managing an organization
  • Role of digitalization in today's organization management.
  • Role of leadership in nurturing an organization's vision and mission
  • Maximum value addition being either an employee or an employer

Mr. Sethuram addressed the students of the PGPEX VLM 15th batch about the most desired way to run an organization and how to get the maximum output from fellow workers by treating them with maximum respect and empathy. He also shared his vast experience and described the change he brought while working in various organizations for excellence. He emphasized the role of digital technology in today's plant management and the need to change the mindset towards newer technology-oriented management.


New Product Introduction, Program
Management, Automotive

Somesh Joshi

Platform Lead Utility Tractors

John Deere

Date: 20.06.21

Presentation topic:
Reflections from VLM Journey and Imperatives as leaders
Presentation summary
  • Journey Post VLM
  • VLM life-How to make the most out of it!
  • Future of John Deere in perspective of EV
  • Role of analytics vs intuition in decision making.
  • Agile manufacturing practices.

Mr. Somesh Joshi, Platform Lead-Utility Tractors, addressed the subjective aspects of leadership and how students can leverage the VLM program to become a visionary leader. He shared his experiences on how being a leader means owning failures, distributing success, and real-life problem solving using FSDP. He discussed his journey in digital transformation, program management and interacted at lengths on topics ranging from analytics to agile manufacturing to alternative fuels.

IT sourcing, consulting,
purchase, supply chain

Mausam Agrawal

Director Sourcing & OPS


Date: 04.07.21

Presentation topic:
Sourcing IT, Indirect Purchase, Business Strategy and Consultancy
Presentation summary
  • FSDP & Broadening your horizon
  • Structured intuition and Prof. Shoji Shiba's learnings
  • Insourcing and outsourcing
  • Why startup ecosystems are an excellent learning environment?
  • Family vs Career: Managing parallel timezones

Mr. Mausam Agrawal, Director-Sourcing IT & Ops at UBS, discussed with students on topics like sourcing, startup ecosystems, and supply chain bottlenecks. He also stressed the importance of peer-to-peer learning and balancing family vs career. He also enlightened the batch with his interactive Q&A sessions as well.

Sourcing-Indirect Purchase

Sachin Gupta

GM & Lead-Indirect Purchase

PSBU, Cummins India Ltd.

Date: 05.07.21

Presentation topic:
Indirect Purchase & Business Strategy
Presentation summary
  • How to get the best out of VLMP
  • Design thinking & structured creativity
  • Importance of processes and how to express understanding of process flow
  • Kano model & Application
  • In-company selling & stakeholders buy-in.

Mr. Sachin Gupta, A gold medalist from the first batch of VLMP, highlighted the ways of getting the maximum out of VLMP. He went on to describe the method of design thinking and how creativity can be structured. He also explained the methodology of formal meetings on team building and shared his experience of implementing an e-platform for Tata Motors.

Product Development, Process
Development, Project

Divakar K

Assistant General Manager,

Project Management


Date: 17.07.21

Presentation topic:
VLM Journey & its relevance in Professional Life
Presentation summary
  • Journey Post VLM
  • Interorganisational best practices
  • Role of the project over technology
  • MBA viewpoint vs industrial reality
  • Benefits of being an entrepreneur

Mr. Divakar Karthikeyan, Assistant General Manager, Project Management at WABCO gave an interactive session spanning diverse topics like product management, deep mining equipment, industry best practices, etc. He described his wonderful professional journey and advised the batch to focus on developing entrepreneurship skills.

Strategic sourcing, procurement,
management consulting

Shivendra Ojha


Strategic Sourcing & Procurement,


Date: 18.07.21

Presentation topic:
Sourcing and Procurement & Journey after VLM
Presentation summary
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Generalists vs Specialists in the industry
  • Localisation vs globalisation
  • Accelerating role of digital technologies

Mr. Shivendra Ojha, Director, Strategic Sourcing & Procurement-Cargil industries addressed students in an interactive session ranging from topics related to strategic sourcing & management consulting. He ended up giving many wise words, which will be etched permanently in the minds of all the participants