VLMP Lecture Series

Leadership Talk

Manufacturing, Iron & Steel,
Skill development, MSME

Mr Sushim Banerjee


Indian Iron & Steel Sector

Skill Council (IISSSC)

Date: 26.05.22

Presentation topic:
Indian Manufacturing with special reference to the Iron and Steel industry and the role of MSME sector
Presentation summary
  • Relation of GDP with manufacturing & Steel Industry
  • Key growth enablers- Strengthening of MSMEs and Skill development
  • Diversification of products
  • Green Energy for sustainable growth

Mr Banerjee addressed the cohort of PGPEX-VLM Batch-16 about current trends in the Indian Manufacturing Sector, the Potential of the Iron and Steel Sector, and the need for manufacturing sector growth as an effective tool for accelerated GDP growth. Mr Banerjee emphasized “Strengthening of MSMEs” and “Skill development” as two key enablers in sustaining and enhancing the growth trajectory of the sector. He also elaborated on the need for diversification of products, moving towards alternative cleaner fuels, reducing Carbon footprint, increasing innovation, and greater participation in the global value chains as a way for sustainable growth.

Digital Transformation, Innovation,
I4.0, Smart product & factories

Mr Samip Mutha

Vice President and Head

of Digital and Innovation

RPG Group

Date: 29.05.22

Presentation topic:
Challenges in for Indian Industry in adopting Industry 4.0
Presentation summary
  • Importance of Industrial Revolution 4.0
  • Four pillars of Industrial 4.0
  • Conglomeration of Manufacturing and I4.0
  • Potential of I4.0 to increase Manufacturing pace and efficiency

Mr Mutha addressed the cohort of PGPEX-VLM Batch-16 about the importance of Industrial Revolution 4.0 (I4.0), touched upon reduced decision time due to real-time data availability, the four pillars of I4.0 -Connectivity, Artificial Intelligence, Human-Machine interaction, and Advanced Engineering, Conglomeration of Manufacturing & I4.0, and the potential of I4.0 to increase Manufacturing pace and efficiency for the RPG group as well as for Indian Manufacturing Sector as a whole. He concluded with the line "Do something Everywhere and Do Everything Somewhere“.

Leadership, Value creation,
Chasing Obscene Success, art of
selling, life’s purpose

Mr Ashok


CEO & President

Schindler India

Date: 20.06.22

Presentation topic:
How failures define your true success and the art of selling
Presentation summary
  • Importance of having purpose in life
  • Make strong impression, network and learn continuously
  • Being a colleague to your team members first, and the boss later.
  • Don’t compare yourself. Individual’s performance & potential is importance not experience.

Mr Ramachandran addressed the cohort of PGPEX-VLM Batch-16 about the importance of having “Purpose” in one’s life despite facing failures and setbacks. He guided that a leader’s approach should be towards collaboration and value creation for the organization and people’s skills. His motto is always going the extra mile for colleagues and delivering more than required. He emphasized the importance of humility & practice a belief of “being a colleague to your team members first, and the boss later” to build a stronger bond with employees.
He concluded by his highly inspiring mantra of “Chasing Obscene Success” which is driven by the purpose of adding value and taking ownership, going beyond the call of duty and changing the rules of the game.

Supply chain management,
logistics, agile, resilient,
flexibility, skills, technology

Mr Sunil Bharadwaj

Ex. Principal

Qwixpert Consulting APICS

CSCP, and CLTD certified

Date: 25.06.22

Presentation topic:
SCM Trends, Opportunities and Careers
Presentation summary
  • Skills & Career options in Supply Chain Management
  • Government initiatives to improve logistics & distributions
  • Agility, flexibility, resilience and resource planning in supply chain
  • Technologies aiding supply chain
  • Supply Chain is all about trade-offs
  • De-globalization in supply chain
  • Focus on sustainable supply chain

Mr Bharadwaj addressed the cohort of PGPEX-VLM Batch-16 about the how augmented, the perspective of the supply chain is, and how it extends to many areas such as Food & Agriculture, Metals & Mining, Electric vehicles and Edible oil, modern Business concepts like People Dimensions, Ethical Dimension, Diversity, Equality & Inclusion. He also touched upon the ongoing projects like Sagarmala, Bharatmala, and ONDC projects and how they are going to redefine the boundaries of Supply chain growth in India and asked the batch to always think in the direction of fair practices and proper working conditions as future leaders of the industry. He concluded the talk by stressing the fact that in today’s world, Supply chain managers ought to be Agile, Flexible, and Resilient.

Customer needs, agile forecasting,
theory of constraints, connecting
demand & supply

Dr Rakesh Sinha

Founder & CEO

Reflexive Supply Chain Solutions

Date: 29.06.22

Presentation topic:
Demand-Driven Supply Chains
Presentation summary
  • Agile forecasting (Auto vs monthly forecasting)
  • Focus on 3 constant customer needs (On-shelf availability, freshness and assortment)
  • Theory of constraints design elements (Drum, Buffer & Rope)
  • Developing supply chain fast feedback loop
  • Demand Sensing

Dr Sinha addressed the cohort of PGPEX-VLM Batch-16 about how some firms in the industry are rewriting the rules in Supply Chain Management as he shared the industry’s best & latest practices in the domain. He also brought in a new perspective as he emphasized looking at things that haven’t changed and have stood the test of time in terms of customers’ prime needs, which is a fresh departure from looking at ever-changing customer needs. He also shared some of the key fundamentals of Demand-Driven Supply Chains as he compared them with conventional supply chains. He concluded the session with “small dose of continuous supply is better than a big dose”.

Competitive strategies,
sustainability, cement industry growth,
organization structure

Mr Arvind Pathak


Birla Corporation Ltd.

Date: 07.07.22

Presentation topic:
Competitive Strategies of BCL in light of the Changing Structure of the Cement Industry
Presentation summary
  • Competitive strategies for growth and transformation of a company
  • Importance of sustainability for continuous long term growth perspective
  • Regional buying aspects and logistics role in success of the Cement Industry
  • Industry practices, technology and investment in R&D to enhance the use of existing resources

Mr. Pathak addressed the cohort of PGPEX-VLM Batch-16 about the regional buying aspects of the Cement Industry that differ nationwide and how logistics played an important role in the overall success of the Industry. He iterated on how to build an environment and structured approach by using technology & investing in extensive R&D to enhance the existing resources and combat environmental pollution. He gave a wider picture of how the Birla team has built its six pillars of strategy – Growth, Raw material Security, Efficiency and Effectiveness, Brand Positioning & Sales, People & Communication, Technology & Innovation, which are based on the company’s core values and philosophies thereby protecting the interest of stakeholders subtly and sustainably. He concluded the session on how competitive strategies are key to stabilize-sustain-expand in a fast-changing industry.

Net Zero, Decarbonisation,
Energy Transition, Clean Energy, Digital

Mr Anish De

Global Head- Power & Utilities


Date: 21.07.22

Presentation topic:
Managing the global energy transition
Presentation summary
  • Changing energy landscape and energy transition
  • Opportunities in the new energies space in India
  • Key evolving Renewable technologies like Hydrogen and Storage
  • Integrating the energy and digital economies
  • Net Zero and carbon optimization framework

Mr. Anish De addressed the cohort of PGPEX-VLM Batch-16 about the various aspects of the Indian Energy landscape like Energy transformation, centralized grids, increase in efficiency of electricity consumption, and emerging renewable energy sources. Four Ds; Decarbonisation, Decentralisation, Digitalisation and Democratisation are the driving forces of the energy transition. Also, he guided that to achieve target of net zero, we will require the incorporation of 4 climate actions i.e. Reduce, Substitute, Compensate and Re-use. He also touched upon pathways to achieve a Low Carbon footprint, energy-intensive growth, and use of various substitutes like low carbon electricity and the use of green hydrogen eventually. In the end he concluded with how to integrate the energy and digital economies.


Startups & Supply Chain Consulting

Mr Ashish Gupta

CEO & Founder


Date: 04.05.22

Presentation topic:
Start-up ecosystems and ed-tech as a choice for own venture
Presentation summary
  • Pre & Post VLM Journey
  • VLM life-How to make the most out of it!
  • How Working in Startup is different from MNC’s
  • Opportunities and Risks in Indian Startup World
  • How One Can Learn from Success and Failure Stories of Different Startup

Mr. Ashish Gupta, CEO & Founder- Bambinos.Live , addressed the subjective aspects of leadership and how students can leverage the VLM program to become a visionary leader. He enlightened the batch on how start-ups are creating value, tapping untapped opportunities and facing challenges in the Indian start-up ecosystem.He advised the audience to also follow start-up stories of the various sectors and understand one’s expectations if one has desire to be part of the start-up revolution.

Startups & Supply Chain Consulting

Mr Alok Sahu


Tetrahedron Manufacturing Services

Date: 18.05.22

Presentation topic:
Role of Startups in Implementing I4.0 in India
Presentation summary
  • Acceptance of I4.0 in Indian Industries
  • How I4.0 Can be Enabler for our manufacturing sector
  • Importance of identifying future technological advancements.
  • Delegation of Task in Startup Environment
  • Pre & Post VLM Journey

Mr. Alok Sahu, Director- Tetrahedron Manufacturing Services , shed light on what Industry 4.0 is, how it presents a huge opportunity to the industry, its acceptance level in the Indian Manufacturing Sector and how it can be an enabler for our industry. He guided the batch to “Graduate from Engineering mindset to Management Mindset and Look at the Bigger Picture” and focus on “Why” rather than “How” when building solutions, for creating superior value. He shared the importance of identifying future Technological advancements, forecast market needs, Time management & Delegation of tasks, especially in a start-up environment.

E- Commerce Operations
and Supply Chain Management

Ms Tanvi Hait

Senior Manager


Date: 02.07.22

Presentation topic:
Career Pathways in Supply Chain Management
Presentation summary
  • Supply Chain Design in E- Commerce Companies
  • Career Options in E- Commerce Sector
  • How to get best out of three institutes involved in VLM Program
  • Inventory Management
  • Pre & Post VLM Journey

Ms. Tanvi Hait, an aluminus of 8th batch, explained to the cohort regarding Supply chain design in E-Com companies and the type of role involved and gave insights into varied career options that one might have in the E-com sector – which include Planning, Operations, Warehouse, and Operation Excellence. She also briefed about Inventory Management, Automation, Data Science, and Logistics related roles and how they are entangled with each other, and the way this glue together to achieve a Capex-free & Opex-oriented delivery. She encouraged the batch to know one’s passion and work towards it by taking learnings from the three institutes involved in the VLM program.

Management Consulting & Strategy

Mr Gaurav Nanda

Vice President

Corporate Strategy, Aditya Birla Group

Date: 09.07.22

Presentation topic:
Journey Beyond VLM
Presentation summary
  • Importance of Career Planning
  • Career Pathways in Management Consulting
  • Importance of Professional Networking
  • Importance of being loyal to organzation
  • Pre & Post VLM Journey

Mr. Gaurav Nanda, an aluminus of 2nd batch, enlightened the visionary leaders on various learnings of his long professional journey which included- finding a mentor for professional guidance, investing in building a network that can help to further one’s career, being a team player, being loyal to one’s organization, and working for one’s own passion instead of working only for money as well as building one’s own personal brand. He also elaborated on various ways to plan one’s career planning, do self-assessments, and emphasized the importance of career planning as it’s our future and we need to make our career decisions and motivated the cohort for choosing operations for their future career by citing the rising count of first time CEO’s form operations background.

Strategic Procurement & Logistics

Mr Prashant Sinha

National Head, Strategic Procurement

Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Limited

Date: 09.07.22

Presentation topic:
Strategic Sourcinh and Commodity Management
Presentation summary
  • Formulating Procurement Strategy
  • Integration of Procurement Strategy to business objectives
  • Importance of Identifying Stakeholders
  • Converting Business Requirements into Functional Requirements
  • Pre & Post VLM Journey

Mr. Prashant Sinha, an aluminus of 4th batch, spoke at length about formulating a procurement strategy for the future and the integration of strategy to business objectives. He stressed the importance of identifying stakeholders and understanding their requirements as prerequisites of a good procurement strategy. He also discussed the importance of analysing historical data and converting business requirements into functional requirements.



Prof. Sudhakara Reddy

Associate Professor

IIM Calcutta

Date: 02.06.22

Presentation topic:
Understanding Financial Derivatives
Presentation summary
  • Understanding of market behavior patterns to take approriate decision
  • Use of statistical tools to look for in stock market
  • Risk hedging in Options
  • Way in to Options Chain and Futures Contract

Prof. Sudhakara Reddy shared his pioneer ideas on “Financial Derivatives” on 2nd June 2022. His pragmatic approach toward financial markets nurtured the students’ interest in market liquidity. Thanks to Prof. Reddy for bringing the Share Market’s Knowledge from a perspective that is easy to grasp even by a Common Man. The signature knowledge shared by Prof. Reddy cultivated the newer interests among students. Thanks to the VLM Office’s Team for remarkable support for sowing the seed of “Financial Curiosity” among young Brains.


Dr. Vikram Singh

Indian Revenue Service

Central Board of Indirect

Taxes and Customs

Date: 22.06.22

Presentation topic:
Leadership in Financial Decisions
Presentation summary
  • Challenges faced in Govt Financial System
  • How EQ rather than IQ plays an vital role while taking decision at field level
  • How finance decisions are taken in govt offices

Dr. Vikram Singh addressed the cohort of PGPEX-VLM Batch 16 on the topic of "Leadership in Financial Decisions". He shared his experience as an IRS officer to look beyond just numbers. He gave us a glimpse on how government offices are working to identify and mitigate governance issues through digitization. In the end, he interacted with students with intriguing insights while answering the questions.


Mr Vibhu Goel

Indian Administrative Service

Joint Secretary, IT & E Dept., West Bengal;


Project Director KEIIP, Kolkata


Date: 10.07.22

Presentation topic:
External Financing - ADB Projects in India
Presentation summary
  • Rationale of External Financing
  • Asian Development Bank(ABD)'s Focus Sector and Themes
  • Approach for ADB Financing
  • Institutional mechanism
  • Case of Kolkata Municipal Corporation(KMC)

Mr. Vibhu Goel conducted an insightful session for PGPEX-VLM Co'16 on the Financial Perspective of Asian Development Bank's Projects and Kolkata Municipal Corporation's Projects. He described how external financing arrangements are better than internal ones for India. He also gave us a glimpse of the project work undertaken by the Kolkata Environmental Improvement Investment Program(KEIIP). Additionally, He emphasized continuous review and in-depth involvement at the ground level for the time-bound completion of projects.