VLMP Lecture Series


Startups & Supply Chain Consulting

Ashish Gupta

CEO & Founder


Date: 04.05.22

Presentation topic:
Start-up ecosystems and ed-tech as a choice for own venture
Presentation summary
  • Pre & Post VLM Journey
  • VLM life-How to make the most out of it!
  • How Working in Startup is different from MNC’s
  • Opportunities and Risks in Indian Startup World
  • How One Can Learn from Success and Failure Stories of Different Startup

Mr. Ashish Gupta, CEO & Founder- Bambinos.Live , addressed the subjective aspects of leadership and how students can leverage the VLM program to become a visionary leader. He enlightened the batch on how start-ups are creating value, tapping untapped opportunities and facing challenges in the Indian start-up ecosystem.He advised the audience to also follow start-up stories of the various sectors and understand one’s expectations if one has desire to be part of the start-up revolution.