CEMS MIM - Upcoming Events

  1. Philippe Louvet Innovation Award
  2. Virtual APAC Career Fair 
    Duration: 11-20th March,2020  
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Note: Do you have, or do you know anyone who has an innovative project that will bring value to the CEMS community and stakeholders?
If the project is brought by at least two CEMS member schools or by two types of CEMS stakeholders (for example, one member school and one CP), the team will have a chance to gain 20,000€ grant* by L'Oréal! *This shall be used for implementing the project.
**Past innovations will not be eligible.

Submit your new initiative to philippelouvetaward@cems.org before March 13, 2020!!
Please spread the word to your colleagues, and all other CEMS stakeholders you are in contact with!
More information via this link: https://bit.ly/36jmhPO