Here is an opportunity to study in one of the fastest growing economies - India. Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (India) or IIMC is now part of the global alliance of CEMS Masters in International Management. Gain cross cultural experience and insight from some of the best faculties in the country. IIMC is the first national institute established in 1961 in collaboration with Alfred P. Sloan School of Management (MIT), the Government of West Bengal, The Ford Foundation and Indian industry. Today IIMC has evolved into one of Asia’s finest management schools, training some of the best minds in India to become successful global managers with strategic capabilities.

The IIMC program is well-known for its academic rigour and is the key differentiating factor. The institute believes in the importance of having an understanding of the basis of any system to manage it successfully. The program strives to expose the students to social awareness while they build their academic strength. Recognised for its mathematical and analytical approach, the program involves a pedagogy which harnesses the best in case studies, lectures and problem formulation. IIMC also has a high proportion of digital discourse program in the world. The program reflects the institute’s open minded approach in expending quality education in an unbiased platform thereby inducing innovation. The economic meltdown of 2008 is a stark reminder of the importance of responsible leadership. IIMC recognises this fact and hence strives to achieve a fine balance by imbibing traditional Indian ethos with contemporary management studies to develop students into responsible business managers. The Management Centre for Human Values amalgamates the contemporary adaptations from Indian philosophical wisdom. It also crosses cultural boundaries to draw inspiration from western learning to offer an analytical insights and skills, thus providing a thorough knowledge base so that today's practising managers can emerge as leaders of tomorrow.

Nested within 130 acres of lush green natural setting, life in the campus is idyllic and tranquil. Accomplished faculty members ensure a spectrum of learning opportunities so each student develops themselves into global citizens and successfully choose the right career path for themselves.


IIMC offers two terms as the CEMS term. Students need to select and specify the choice of term.

  • FALL TERM 26 August - 29 November, 2024
  • WINTER TERM 2 December, 2024 – 28 February, 2025

Note: Please refer to the academic year’s Fact Sheet for exact details. To Download Click here

Following documents have to be submitted to the CEMS co-ordinator at IIMC.

  • Copy of Post-Graduate Transcripts for 1st Year translated in English
  • One scanned passport size photo taken within 6 months (jpg format)
  • One page resume


  • Few passport size photo
  • Copy of current Passport
  • Copy of Visa (It is mandatory for all visiting students to have a student visa)
  • Proof of Health Insurance with International Coverage for your stay


The IIMC campus is located away from the hum-drum of city life in a serene and natural environment. It is offers a conducive and close knit environment which fosters learning and intellectual development for students and faculty alike. The 135 acre campus houses offices, faculty and office blocks along with state of the fully equipped class-rooms, seminar and conference rooms. The campus has a 750 seater, state of the art auditorium where conference, presentations etc. are held. The campus also has the library, considered to be one of the best management libraries in South Asia along with other facilities such as gymnasium, swimming pool, a bank and post office.

IIMC has several hostels which are well–equipped with common rooms, games rooms and courts for various sports.


  • Buddy System – All incoming students are assigned to a buddy who is an existing student at IIMC and has spent enough time in the school to hand-hold a new student. The buddy will guide and help the new student to settle into the campus and classes.
  • Student Council – IIMC has a student council which acts as an interface between Faculty and administration. This council helps in the close interactions between the students and the faculty members and extends outside the ambits of academics.


IIMC will provide accommodation (hostel rooms) within the campus for incoming students.


  • Tuition Fees : Exempted
  • Housing Expenses :
    • Non AC- Approx. Euro 315 for the entire CEMS Term
    • AC- Single/Twin sharing. Limited rooms available at a higher cost.

Please refer to the fact sheet for the academic year To Download Click here

The process starts with your nomination to IIMC by your home institution. Once you are nominated you will apply to IIMC by filling in the Application Form (To Download click here) along with the required documents (specified in the Application Form). IIMC will then evaluate your application and inform your home institution once you are accepted to the course. You will then be contacted by the Program Manager for course choice, course registration and other requirements.


Please refer to the fact sheet for the academic year To Download Click here

Student VISA

As per Indian Regulation, it is mandatory for all incoming students to arrive in India with a Student Visa. Refer to the link below for more details on Indian Visa regulations and requirements.

CEMS Club Calcutta :

CEMS Club Calcutta is a student-run group to engage local community with the CEMS mission. We interface with students, corporate, and social organizations to build a nurturing and networked ecosystem. CCC holds variegated events, from corporate rotation dinners to fun-filled excursions. We believe that coming together to learn and build memories is an essential part of management education. It's our endeavour to create the globally renowned, quintessential CEMS experience.

CEMS Club Calcutta(CCC)

CEMS Student Board Representative: Ms. Manisha Kopuri
CEMS Club Calcutta President- Ms. Isheka Agarwal
Email- cems_president[at]email[dot]iimcal[dot]ac[dot]in