The Doctoral Programme at IIM Calcutta equips candidates to indulge with equal prowess in careers involving research, academia or industry expertise. Currently, about two-thirds of our Fellows are associated with academic institutions, research organizations and think-tanks, while the rest have taken up leadership roles associated with corporates.

When it comes to securing faculty positions, our Doctoral Students are ubiquitous among the top tier B-Schools in the country including the IIMs (Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Lucknow, Indore, Kozhikode, Tiruchirappalli, Ranchi, Visakhapatnam, Bodhgaya), IIT Kharagpur, IIT Kanpur, ISI Calcutta, Great Lakes Institute of Management, MDI, XLRI, SPJIMR among others. Many have also secured academic positions in global universities and business schools featuring among the top 30 B-Schools in the 2016 FT Rankings. Some notable academics include Ajay Kalra (Herbert S. Autrey Professor of Marketing, Rice University), Monideepa Tarafdar (Professor at Lancaster University Management School) and Sebastian Morris (Professor of Economics at IIM Ahmedabad).

Many of our Doctoral Students have also gone on to head specialized research institutions and policy think-tanks. Some of our notable alumni in this space include Padma Bhushan recipient Ramchandra Guha (Renowned Historian and writer), Bernard C. D’Mello (Deputy Editor, Economic & Political Weekly), Jayesh Ranjan (Secretary [IAS Cadre],Information Technology Department, Telangana State), Nilanjan Ghosh (Observer Research Foundation), and Harsh Thukral (Deputy Director, National Productivity Council).

A third of our Doctoral Students have also taken up leadership roles at leading industrial and corporate organizations. Some of the regular corporate recruiters for Doctoral candidates include McKinsey, BCG, A.T. Kearney, Accenture, Deloitte & Touche, Infosys, Tata Research and Design Centre, Wipro, Accenture, IBM, Virtusa and Mathologic, among others. Notable Fellows include M Raychaudhuri (Managing Director, Asian Equity Strategist, BNP Paribas), Myshkin Ingawale Tejas (Ex-Chief of Staff, Xiaomi India) and Nandini S (Vice-President and Group Head, Organizational Development, Infosys).

Some others have been smitten by the entrepreneurial bug and have carved a niche for themselves. Certain Doctoral Students in this space include M.R. Madhavan (co-founder PRS Legislative Research), Manish Kumar (Mathologic Technologies Pvt. Ltd.), and Myshkin Ingawale Tejas (Co-founder Biosense).

As is evident from the above, Ph.D. of IIM Calcutta have had an amazing legacy be it in any sphere, and the recent batches to continue to uphold and build upon this rich legacy. Provided below is information on our recent alumni.

(Please contact doctoraloffice[at]iimcal[dot]ac[dot]in for further information)

GroupNameYearAdvisor (s)Industry / AcademiaCurrent Role / DesignationCurrent Institution
Operations ManagementAbhishek Chakraborty2014Prof. Ashis K ChatterjeeAcademiaAssistant ProfessorXLRI
Operations ManagementArqum Mateen2014Prof. Ashis K ChatterjeeAcademiaAssistant ProfessorIIM Kozhikode
Regional DevelopmentJoydeep Guha2014Prof. Bhaskar ChakrabartiIndustryController of Communication Accounts, West BengalDepartment of Telecommunications
Finance & ControlNeerav Nagar2014Prof. Kaustav SenAcademiaAssistant ProfessorIIM Ahmedabad
Finance & ControlPankaj Kr. Baag2014Prof. Ashok Banerjee and Prof. B B ChakrabartiAcademiaAssistant ProfessorIIM Kozhikode
Finance & ControlRadha Mukesh Ladkani2014Prof. Ashok Banerjee and Prof. Purusottam SenAcademiaAssistant ProfessorIIM Indore
Operations ManagementSurya Sarathi Majumdar2014Prof. Sanjeet SinghAcademiaAssistant ProfessorShiv Nadar University
Management Information SystemsAbhinay Puvvala2015Prof. Rahul RoyAcademiaPost-Doc, Marie Curie Research FellowMaynooth University, Innovation Value Institute School of Business
Finance & ControlArnab Bhattacharya2015Prof. B B ChakrabartiAcademiaAssistant ProfessorIIM Calcutta
Management Information SystemsMuktamala Chakrabarti2015Prof. Asim K Pal & Prof. Ashok BanerjeeIndustrySenior Data ScientistNielsen
Management Information SystemsPartha Saha2015Prof. Ambuj MahantiAcademiaAssociate ProfessorCalcutta Business School
Management Information SystemsSourya Joyee De2015Prof. Asim K PalAcademiaAssistant ProfessorIIM Raipur
Management Information SystemsAgam Gupta2016Prof. Uttam K. Sarkar & Prof. Biswatosh SahaAcademiaAssistant ProfessorIIT Delhi
Management Information SystemsAmbuj Bhairawnath Anand2016Prof. Priya SeetharamanAcademiaAssistant ProfessorIIM Ranchi
SociologyArpita Mathur2016Prof. Kalyan Sankar MandalAcademiaAssistant ProfessorNational Institute of Construction Management & Research (NICMAR)
Management Information SystemsAshish Kumar Jha2016Prof. Indranil BoseAcademiaAssociate ProfessorTrinity College Dublin
Finance & ControlDebarati Basu2016Prof. Kaustav Sen and Prof. Purusottam SenAcademiaVisiting FacultyIIM Bangalore
Public Policy and ManagementDivvya M. Bajpai2016Prof. Raghabendra Chattopadhyay & Prof. R. Rajesh BabuAcademiaAssistant ProfessorDelhi School of Business
Operations ManagementIndranil Biswas2016Prof. Balram AvittathurAcademiaAssistant ProfessorIIM Lucknow
MarketingNirali Shah2016Prof. Rohit VarmanAcademiaAssistant ProfessorXIMB
Finance & ControlP. Srikant2016Prof. B. B. ChakrabartiAcademiaAssociate ProfessorMadras School of Economics
Finance & ControlSayantan Kundu2016Prof. Ashok BanerjeeAcademiaAssistant ProfessorIIM Ranchi
Operations ManagementShinde Abhishek Jaysing2016Prof. Peeyush MehtaIndustryCo-Founder(1) Vedak: An Expert Advisory Platform (2) Winetra Online Sevices Pvt Ltd
Public Policy and ManagementTutan Ahmed2016Prof. Raghabendra Chattopadhyay & Prof. Biju Paul AbrahamAcademiaAssistant ProfessorVGSOM, IIT Kharagpur
Regional DevelopmentTina Dutta2016Prof. Annapurna ShawAcademiaAssistant ProfessorMarwadi University
Strategic ManagementAmit Baran Chakrabarti2017Prof. Sougata RayAcademiaAssistant ProfessorIIM Visakhapattanam
Management Information SystemsAmitava Ghosh2017Prof. Ambuj MahantiIndustryRegional Strategist- APAC Leadership and OperationsCognizant Business Consulting
Strategic ManagementAnjan Ghosh2017Prof. Sougata RayAcademiaAssociate ProfessorNarxoz Business School, Kazakhstan
MarketingApoorv Khare2017Prof. Rohit VarmanAcademiaAssistant ProfessorIIM Tiruchirappalli
Strategic ManagementArindam Mondal2017Prof. Sougata RayAcademiaAssistant ProfessorXLRI
Operations ManagementArnab Adhikari2017Prof. Balram Avittathur & Prof. Arnab BisiAcademiaAssistant ProfessorIIM Ranchi
Operations ManagementNishant Kumar Verma2017Prof. Ashis K. ChatterjeeAcademiaAssistant ProfessorIIM Bangalore
Operations ManagementNivedita Haldar2017Prof. Sanjeet SinghAcademiaAssistant professorJindal Global Business School (O. P. Jindal Global University)
Strategic ManagementSankalp Pratap2017Prof. Biswatosh SahaAcademiaAssosiate ProfessorIIM Tiruchirappalli
Organizational BehaviourSmita Chaudhry2017Prof. B. N. Srivastava & Prof. Chetan JoshiAcademiaAssosiate ProfessorFLAME University Pune
MarketingTinu Jain2017Prof. Prashant MishraAcademiaAssistant ProfessorIMI Kolkata
Public Policy and ManagementParibhasha Kumari Sharma2017Prof. Annapurna ShawAcademiaAssistant ProfessorJindal Global Business School (O. P. Jindal Global University)
Strategic ManagementBikramjit Ray Chaudhuri2018Prof. Sougata RayAcademiaAssistant ProfessorS. P. Jain Institute of Management Research
EconomicsDeepika Chandra Verma2018Prof. Runa SarkarAcademiaAssistant ProfessorJindal Global Business School (O. P. Jindal Global University)
Management Information SystemsDivya Sharma2018Prof. Uttam Sarkar and Prof. Biswatosh SahaAcademiaAssistant ProfessorIIM Rohtak
Finance & ControlSamarpan Nawn2018Prof. Ashok BanerjeeAcademiaAssistant ProfessorIIM Udaipur
Human Resource ManagementShreyashi Chakraborty2018Prof. Amit Dhiman and Prof. Leena ChatterjeeAcademiaAssistant ProfessorXLRI
Organizational BehaviourSidh Kumar2018Prof. Leena ChatterjeeIndustryGM (HR and International Relations)BSNL
Strategic ManagementVenkatraman S.2018Prof. Sougata RayAcademiaAssistant ProfessorIIM Kozhikode
Organizational BehaviourP. Padmavathy Dhillon2018Prof. B. N. SrivastavaIndustryLead, Organizational Development (People Analytics)Infosys
Strategic ManagementKamalika Chakraborty2018Prof. Biswatosh Saha & Prof. Nimruji Prasad J.AcademiaAssistant ProfessorIFIM Business School
EconomicsBharat Goel2019Prof. Arijit SenAcademiaPost-Doc FellowMax Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance
EconomicsVidhu Shekhar2019Prof. Soumyendranath Sikdar   Prof. Partha RayAcademiaAssistant ProfessorS. P. Jain Institute of Management Research
EconomicsShromona Ganguly2019Prof. Parthapratim PalGovernmentEconomistReserve Bank of India (RBI)
Finance and ControlAhana Bose2019Prof. Purusottam SenIndustry Societe Generale Bank, Bangalore
Management Information SystemsGaurav Gupta2019Prof. Indranil BoseAcademiaAssistant ProfessorNEOMA Business School, France
Management Information SystemsAdrija Majumdar2019Prof. Indranil BoseAcademiaAssistant ProfessorIIM Ahmedabad
MarketingDiptiman Banerji2019Prof. Prashant Mishra   Prof. Ramendra SinghAcademiaAssociate ProfessorJindal Global Business School (O. P. Jindal Global University)
Operations ManagementMilan Kumar2019Prof. Balram Avittathur   Prof. Preetam BasuAcademiaAssistant ProfessorIIM Visakhapattanam
Operations ManagementPrabhat Ranjan2019Prof. Sanjeet SinghAcademiaAssistant ProfessorIIM Bodh Gaya
Operations ManagementShounak Basak2019Prof. Balram Avittathur   Prof. Soumyendranath SikdarAcademiaAssistant ProfessorXLRI
Operations ManagementVaishnavi T.2019Prof. Preetam BasuIndustryEducation ConsultantSAS Institute India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
Public Policy and ManagementAnsari Salamah2019Prof. R. Rajesh BabuAcademia IIM Kozhikode