"Satish K Sehgal Doctoral Student Award for excellence in scholarship and organizational citizenship" is awarded during the Annual Convocation each year to one amongst the convocating doctoral students.

The award carries a citation and a prize money of upto Rs.50,000

The award was instituted through an endowment created by Friends of Satish K. Sehgal. This initial endowment was enhanced with donations received later with gratitude from IIMC Alumni of the Doctoral Programme and a grant from the Institute.

The Doctoral and Research Committee of IIM Calcutta acts as the jury in selecting the awardee each year based on a set of criterion.

Memorium Tribute:

In 2009, “Friends of Satish K. Sehgal”, constituted an award in honor of Satish, an IIMC Fellowship Programme alumnus of the 1998 batch. Satish passed away a few years ago due to acute Mesenchymalchondrosarcoma, a rare form of malignant cancer.

We believe this award will be one way to remember Satish and his contribution to the Fellow Programme community. In the process of doing so, it is also hoped and believed that the award will benefit chosen Fellowship students and will act as an acknowledgement of their academic abilities and orientation. The award will encourage Fellowship Students of IIM Calcutta to aspire to excel in what they do and also make a meaningful contribution to the environment they are in.

Satish, as many of his friends will vouch was an intelligent, hard-working, person who believed that it is important to live life to its fullest. His abilities as a student and as a colleague were things to remember. His academic abilities can hardly be exaggerated. A mere look at his thesis would reveal not only the depth of his work but also the simplicity with which he was able to produce what we may very well consider an excellent Ph.D. thesis in the area. His intellectual interactions with his colleagues and teachers, is remembered by many of us for their clarity, intensity, logic and depth. His involvement as an FP representative, and his very effective and smooth handling of many FP-related issues was often appreciated by the then Fellowship Committee. He was not someone who would shy away from work, nor was he one who would hold back his appreciation for others.

Today, when we look back, there are so many small things that he did for each one of us in the community that bring back memories of our interaction with him.

We hope the award is a salute to all that he stood for.