NameYearTitle of DissertationAdvisor
Himadri Shekhar Chakrabarty2024Essays on Fiscal and Banking Risks ( Abstract )Prof. Parthapratim Pal & Prof. Partha Ray
Titir Bhattacharya2024Essays on public health insurance ( Abstract )Prof. Tanika Chakraborty
Sohini Mazumder2024Aspects of Migration ( Abstract )Prof. Parthapratim Pal & Prof. Tanika Chakraborty
Nanduri Kranthi2023Informality and Accumulation in India: From the standpoint of Capital ( Abstract )Prof. Mritiunjoy Mohanty
Anjali Rajan2022Essays in Structural Change in Labour Force - A View from the Standpoint of Caste, Gender and Informality ( Abstract )Prof. Mritiunjoy Mohanty
Arpit Kumar Parija2022Essays on Banking, Credit and Default ( Abstract )Prof. Vipul Mathur & Prof. Partha Ray
Swathysree S S2022Evolution Of India’s Capital Goods Sector From The Perspective Of Role Of State ( Abstract )Prof. Mritiunjoy Mohanty
Akash Krishnan2021Essays on Two-sided Markets: an Investigation of the Indian Radio Taxi Industry ( Abstract )Prof. Soumyendranath Sikdar & Prof. Anindya Sen
Jasveen Kaur2021Essays on Labour Market Outcomes in India ( Abstract )Prof. Parthapratim Pal
Subhankar Mukherjee2020Essays on Crop Insurance in India (Abstract)Prof. Parthapratim Pal
Sushrut Risbud2020Behaviour of private corporate investment in post reform India and the role of leverage (Abstract)Prof. Mritiunjoy Mohanty & Prof. Sushil Khanna
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Finance & Control
NameYearTitle of DissertationAdvisor
Shivangi Gupta2024Essays on Entrepreneurial Finance (Abstract)Prof. Ashok Banerjee & Prof. Sudhakar Reddy
Akshay Narayanan2023Essays on Agency Conflicts (Abstract)Prof. Ashok Banerjee & Prof. Sudhakar Reddy
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Harshal Rajan Mulay2022Essays in Law, Culture and Finance (Abstract)Prof. Arpita Ghosh
Pulkit Taluja2022Mechanisms to Mitigate Information Asymmetry: Creditor Rights, Collateral, Information Sharing and Debt Maturity (Abstract)Prof. Rama Seth & Prof. Arpita Ghosh
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S. K. Basu1976Depreciation Issues and Controversies and its role in Indian Industry (Abstract)Prof. S. K. Chakraborty
Human Resource Management (formerly Personnel Management and Industrial Relations)
NameYearTitle of DissertationAdvisor
Shalini2021Gig workers in the Platform Economy: The Case of App-based Cab Companies in India ( Abstract )Prof. Dharma Raju Bathini
Ravishankar Venkata Kommu2021Academic Careers in an Indian Context ( Abstract )Prof. Debashish Bhattacherjee & Prof. Amit Dhiman
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P. K. Sett1989Effect of Leadership Style and Subordinate's Non-Task Achievement on Leader's Attribution of Subordinate's Poor Performance (Abstract)Prof. B. N. Srivastava & A. K. Sengupta
Management Information Systems
NameYearTitle of DissertationAdvisor
Madhuri Prabhala2024Understanding the impact of online firm and user-generated content on sales – An unstructured data analytics approach ( Abstract )Prof. Uttam K. Sarkar & Prof. Indranil Bose
Soham Ghosh2024Essays on Online Healthcare Platforms ( Abstract )Prof. Soumyakanti Chakraborty
Lalit Pankaj2023Essays on Sociomateriality ( Abstract )Prof. Priya Seetharaman
Saikat Das2023Intervening in a socially networked problem: A simulation-based approach ( Abstract )Prof. Uttam K. Sarkar
Neha Chaudhuri2022Fake News is Real: A Multimodal Analysis of Actors and Social Platforms ( Abstract )Prof. Indranil Bose
Prakrit Silal2022Studying the Role of E-Government in enabling Good Governance ( Abstract )Prof. Debashis Saha
Suvendu Naskar2022Empirical Studies on the links between IT, Operational Effectiveness and Firm Performance ( Abstract )Prof. Preetam Basu & Prof. Soumyakanti Chakraborty
Rishikesan Parthiban2021Essays on Digital Social Innovations for Rural Development ( Abstract )Prof. Somprakash Bandyopadhyay
Pratik Tarafdar2021Understanding Online Product Presentation Through Mobile Augmented Reality ( Abstract )Prof. Indranil Bose
Kushal Saha2021Essays on Omnichannel Retailing ( Abstract )Prof. Subir Bhattacharya
Vallurupalli Vamsi2020Understanding Influencers and Influential Content in Electronic Word of Mouth Communication: An Analytics Approach(Abstract)Prof. Indranil Bose
Khushboo Agrawal2020To examine the impact of Technostress on End User innovativeness in an organizational context(Abstract)Prof. Sanjiv D. Vaidya & Prof. Indranil Bose
Samadrita Bhattacharyya2020Impact of online social information on consumer behaviour in social commerce environment(Abstract)Prof. Indranil Bose
Ashutosh Jha2020Studies on Techno-Managerial Aspects in the Deployment of Next Generation Mobile Broadband Services(Abstract)Prof. Debashis Saha
Shankhadeep Banerjee2020A Discourse on Technology Patrons: Insights from Crowdfunding(Abstract)Prof. Indranil Bose
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Adrija Majumdar2019Understanding the Relationship between Social Media Activity and Earnings Management for Organisations (Abstract)Prof. Indranil Bose
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Sourya Joyee De2015An Investigation into Adversarial and Rational Behavioural Approaches to Secure Multi-Party Computation (Abstract)Prof. Asim K Pal
 Partha Saha2015Ontology Based Multi Agent Model for Compliance Management in Indian Banking Sector (Abstract)Prof. Ambuj Mahanti
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M Scalem2006Disaster Management: A Model Approach to an Integrated Real-Time Computer Mediated Information Network System (D2MINS) through Wireless and Mobile Networking as Enabling Technologies (Abstract)Prof. Somprakash Bandyopadhyay
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NameYearTitle of DissertationAdvisor
Saurabh Shinde2024Essays on the dynamics of linguistic marketplaces ( Abstract )Prof. Saravana Jaikumar& Prof. Krishanu Rakshit
Ria Mishra2024The Effects of Anthropomorphism on Consumer Goal Pursuits ( Abstract )Prof. Ritu Mehta
Kumar Shreshtha2023Essays on bazaar: An Indian perspective ( Abstract )Prof. Prashant Mishra & Prof. Ramendra Singh
Gurugubelli Prasanna Kumar2023Selling the Prospective Unsaleables: Evaluating the attractiveness of a promotion in Clearance Sales ( Abstract )Prof. Prashant Mishra & Prof. Saravana Jaikumar
Karthikeyan B.2022Essays on the Manufacturer Encroachment Phenomenon ( Abstract )Prof. Prafulla Agnihotri
Ritika Sharma2022Spillover Effects from an Online Marketplace Brand to a Product Brand under Conditions of Distribution Exclusivity ( Abstract )Prof. Prashant Mishra & Prof. Saravana Jaikumar
Bhupesh Manoharan2021Essays on the Online Self - The Selfie Phenomenon ( Abstract )Prof. Krishanu Rakshit
Nivedita Bhanja2020Impact of brand de-gendering on consumer responses(Abstract)Prof. Ritu Mehta
Diptiman Banerji2019Impact of friendship among customers on their perceived value from consumption (Abstract)Prof. Prashant Mishra   Prof. Ramendra Singh
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Tinu Jain2017UP AGAINST THE ORGANIZED RETAIL: A study of ‘Impact on’ and ‘Response of’ small incumbent stores (Abstract)Prof. Prashant Mishra
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Operations Management
NameYearTitle of DissertationAdvisor
Raunak Joshi2024Essays on Retail Operations (Abstract)Prof. Sumanta Basu
Samir Biswas2024Essays on Improving Quality in Agricultural Supply Chain (Abstract)Prof. Balram Avittathur & Prof. Preetam Basu
Shivanee Abhay Pethe2024Managing supplier risk and capabilities: Essays from a multi-disciplinary perspective (Abstract)Prof. Balram Avittathur & Prof. Anirvan Pant
Sambit Brata Rath2023Essays at the Interface of Supply Chain Finance and E-commerce (Abstract)Prof. Preetam Basu & Prof. Prasenjit Mandal
Tania Saha2023Essays on Operations Management Decision Making for Sharing and Circular Economy (Abstract)Prof. Balram Avittathur & Prof. Sumanta Basu
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Subhasis Mishra2022Decision Making under Uncertainty: Some Essays on Contemporary Operations Management (Abstract)Prof. Balram Avittathur & Prof. Megha Sharma
Utsav Pandey2022A study of environmental efficiency in a multi-level production system using Data Envelopment Analysis (Abstract)Prof. Bodhibrata Nag & Prof. Sanjeet Singh
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Prabhat Ranjan2019Efficiency Measurement of Higher Education Sector in India: Evaluation with DEA (Abstract)Prof. Sanjeet Singh
Shounak Basak2019Essays on pricing and operations strategies for distribution networks in multi-channel retailing (Abstract)Prof. Balram Avittathur   Prof. Soumyendranath Sikdar
Vaishnavi T.2019Sponsored Search Advertising and its impact on Operational policies (Abstract)Prof. Preetam Basu
Arnab Adhikari2017Essays on Textile Supply Chain (Abstract)Prof. Balram Avittathur & Prof. Arnab Bisi
Nishant Kumar Verma2017Flexibility Considerations for Supply Chain (Abstract)Prof. Ashis K. Chatterjee
Nivedita Haldar2017Bilevel Programming Based Modeling for Pricing Decisions in Offshore Manufacturing Contracts Involving Green Tax (Abstract)Prof. Sanjeet Singh
Indranil Biswas2016Essays on Supply Chain Coordination (Abstract)Prof. Balram Avittathur
Shinde Abhishek Jaysing2016Stochastic Inventory Decisions Under Ambiguity: An Experimental Study (Abstract)Prof. Peeyush Mehta
Abhishek Chakraborty2014Perspectives in Supply Chain coordination and Supply Chain Efficiency (Abstract)Prof. Ashis K Chatterjee
Surya Sarathi Majumdar2014DEA models & methods for efficiency improvement under constant sum of inputs/outputs (Abstract)Prof. Sanjeet Singh
Arqum Mateen2014Perspectives on Supply Chain Coordination through Vendor Managed Inventory (Abstract)Prof. Ashis K Chatterjee
Soumojit Kumar2012Mathematical Programming for Product Line Decisions: An Integrated Approach (Abstract)Prof. Ashis K Chatterjee
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M. N. Pal1975Programming models for Redundancy Optimization under Maintenance and other constraints (Abstract)Prof. A. K. Chaudhuri
Operations Research and Systems Analysis
NameYearTitle of DissertationAdvisor
Sourav Basu2010A Strategic Planning Model for Identifying Locations of Rail-Road Intermodal Terminals (Abstract)Prof. M N Pal
Nitika2008Airline Scheduling: Demand-Supply Interactions and Robustness (Abstract)Prof. M N Pal
Tarun Bhaskar2006On Quality of Schedule for Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem (Abstract)Prof. M.N.Pal
B. Nag2003On optimal design of time tables for large railways under resource 
Constraints (Abstract)
Prof. M.N.Pal
Premkumar V2003A Quantitative approach to Logistical Problems: Bi-constrained Packing and Capacitated Routing (Abstract)Prof. M.N.Pal
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P. Sinha1994Manpower Planning for Management: A Method (Abstract)Prof. S. K. Basu
R. Ramaswamy1994Sensitivity Analysis in Combinatorial Optimization (Abstract)Prof. N. Chakravarti
Organizational Behaviour
NameYearTitle of DissertationAdvisor
Vivek G. Nair2021Understanding the impact of contextual influences on Indian MBA careers: An exploratory, qualitative study ( Abstract )Prof. Leena Chatterjee
Himanshi Rajora2021Meaningfulness of Work under Multilevel Identity Interactions: Case of Organisational and Occupational identities at a Uniformed Service Organisation ( Abstract )Prof. Nimruji Prasad J.
Amrita Das Dutta2021Changes in Organizational Environment and Their Impact on Organizing of Theatre ( Abstract )Prof. Vidyanand Jha
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