About Trilytics

PGDBA Conclave – Trilytics is a pioneer, first-of-its-kind tri-institute flagship analytics summit of India organised by the Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics (PGDBA) program students. PGDBA is jointly offered by IIM Calcutta, IIT Kharagpur, and ISI Kolkata and the program helps shape the emerging profession of business analytics by delivering a cutting edge inter disciplinary educational experience to graduate applicants with an aspiration of building a career in the field of Business Analytics.

PGDBA Conclave – Trilytics spans two months, conducting analytics case competitions on mind-boggling real-world business problems, key-note sessions from leading industry experts, panel discussions, debate and workshops on state-of-the-art technologies.

The top-performing teams among all the contestants will have an opportunity to win handsome rewards, including cash prizes, while the participating industry partners will rendezvous with future leaders of India and the world.

Mission: The vision of Trilytics is to be a globally recognized summit dedicated to bringing students and industry leaders together to encourage and promote a multidisciplinary approach to the constantly evolving field of Business Analytics. We endeavour to provide a platform for students and professionals of Business Analytics to discuss a diverse range of problems and brainstorm their holistic solutions.


The upcoming edition of Trilytics is set to unfold in 2024. Building on the success of its predecessors, our team aims to once again bring together students and industry leaders to explore the latest trends and advancements in the dynamic field of Business Analytics. With a commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration, Trilytics’24 is poised to feature engaging keynote sessions by prominent industry experts, a challenging analytics case competition, and insightful panel discussions on the forefronts of analytics and artificial intelligence.

Tentative Date: June 2024 (Stay tuned for updates)

Trilytics’24 Organizing Team

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Sahil Chadha
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Trilytics’23 featured a captivating keynote presentation on the first day by Ajay Dadheech, Head of APAC Management Consulting at World Wide Technology (WWT). Titled "From Ore to More: Building the Digital Mine with Practical AI" Ajay's session explored WWT's pivotal role in advancing the mining industry into the digital age. The audience was enthralled as he detailed WWT's journey, employing the Practical AI approach to elevate clients along the data maturity curve, guiding them from initial data collection frameworks to the realms of AI.

The culmination of TRILYTICS’23's analytics case competition, conducted in partnership with World Wide Technology, showcased the convergence of analytical acumen and innovative problem-solving capabilities. With over 5200+ participants globally, the competition underscored the commitment to driving innovation and leveraging data-driven insights. The judging panel, featuring Ajay Dadheech and Achal Sharma, Lead Data Scientist from WWT, ensured an objective evaluation process, upholding the highest standards of rigor.

The event also featured an insightful panel discussion on the first day on "Harmonizing Innovation and Responsibility: The Progressive Frontiers of Generative AI." Industry experts Achal Sharma, Venkat Subramanian Selvaraj, and academician Dr. Adway Mitra enriched the discussion with diverse perspectives. Moderated by Prof. Soumykanti Chakraborthy of IIM Calcutta, the panel highlighted the collaboration and excellence embodied by TRILYTICS’23.

On Day-2, Mr. Udai Shankar, Director of Data Science at Providence, delivered a keynote presentation titled "Machine Learning with Observational Data in Health Care." Exploring the profound impact of data science in healthcare, Mr. Shankar highlighted a unique fusion of machine learning and graph theory, showcasing the potential of data-driven insights to revolutionize the industry.

The event, with its series of keynotes, case competitions, and panel discussions, continued to advance the mission of nurturing innovation and fostering data-driven insights. The collaborative efforts of participants, partners, and sponsors, including World Wide Technology, State Bank of India and Times of India, played a crucial role in making TRILYTICS’23 a successful embodiment of collaboration and excellence.

You can find the TRILYTICS ’23 unstop listing by clicking on the link here

Winners of the Competition


Team RBV (ISB Hyderabad)
Brunda Rajendra Babu
Revanth Rallabandi
Varsha Varala

Runner Up

Team Random Foresters (PGDBA)
Ishan Garg
Soham Chatterjee
Abhishek Anand

Second Runners up

Team Recoil (IIM Bodh Gaya)
Amandeep Singh
Samar Singh
Dibyadyuti Bhadra

Trilytics’23 Organizing Team
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The inaugural event, held in 2022, was generously sponsored by Trinity Life Sciences and featured two significant components – a highly competitive business analytics case competition and enlightening keynote sessions by industry experts.

The case competition, launched on May 27th, 2022, garnered an overwhelming response globally, with over 2600 registrations and 1.7 lakh+ views on Unstop. The final presentation round took place on July 12th, 2022, where top teams presented their solutions to the judging panel from Trinity Life Sciences. The standout teams received substantial cash rewards and the opportunity for Pre-Placement interviews with Trinity Life Sciences, showcasing their potential to become leaders in the industry.

The keynote sessions were graced by two distinguished industry experts. The first speaker, Mr. Arindam Chatterjee, Lead Vice President at HSBC, delivered a compelling speech on Applications of Machine Learning in Banking, emphasizing its value for both banks and customers. The second speaker, Mr. Tridib Mukherjee, Vice President and Head of AI & Data Science at Games24x7 Private Limited, provided insights into Demystifying Data for User 360 in Scientific Products, shedding light on how customer-centricity and data analytics drive business decisions in the gaming industry.

During the event on July 3rd, Prof. Uttam Sarkar, Director of IIM Calcutta, reflected on the origins of the PGDBA program and its evolution over the years. He emphasized the significance of industry exposure in preparing students for the future in business analytics. Prof. Achutha Naikan, Dean of VGSOM IIT Kharagpur, shared his delight in witnessing the inaugural PGDBA conclave and outlined his vision for its future editions. Prof. Samit Paul, the PGDBA Chairperson at IIM Calcutta, extended gratitude to Trinity, esteemed dignitaries, and keynote speakers, highlighting the growing opportunities for PGDBA students in the industry. He shared his vision for the future editions of Trilytics, expressing optimism about the continued success and impact of the summit in the years to come.

Winners of the Competition


Team Data Heads (NMIMS Mumbai)
Prajesh Dey
Argha Das
Sanjuktha Desai

Runner Up

The Normal Group (IIM Calcutta)
Nikhil Tumbde
Shambavi Singh
Mayank Ray Mishra

Second Runners up

The Non-Stochastics (IIM Calcutta)
Amit Karan Das
Aritra Sengupta
Debanjan Saha

Trilytics’22 Organizing Team
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Mangam Manoj

Public Relations

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Parth Bhargava

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