The PGDBA Batch-8 had an incredible experience attending an insightful session by World Wide Technology (WWT) on Wednesday, May 17 2023. Dr. Brian Vaughan, Mr. Ajay Dadheech, and Ms. Snigdha Bhardwaj provided valuable insights into the world of data science consulting. Their on-ground experiences and expertise showcased the real-life application of data science in solving complex business challenges in the field of mining, manufacturing, banking, retail and healthcare.

The session provided an exploration of the data science consulting domain, offering insights into the multifaceted role and responsibilities of a data science consultant. From exploring the project lifecycle to collaborating with clients on defining use cases, the session offered a realistic glimpse into the life of a modern-day data science consultant.

The insights shared during the session bridged the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical experience, highlighting the significance of leveraging data to drive informed decision-making and gain a competitive edge. The attendees greatly appreciated the practicality of the insights, as they provided actionable guidance in translating data into tangible business outcomes.

What truly stood out was the emphasis on the ability to gather domain knowledge during each project by collaborating with the clients – from CEOs to frontline workers. The team's shared case example of an ongoing project served as concrete evidence that creativity in problem-solving is paramount for achieving success. The hypothesis-based thinking approach, coupled with partnerships with SMEs provided insight into the steps that go behind building data science solutions.

The attending students were fascinated by WWT’s emphasis on the fusion of technical expertise with strong communication and business acumen. Their expertise in technology solutions left a lasting impact on the batch.

The PGDBA Batch – 8 is grateful to WWT for sharing knowledge, expertise, and experiences and are excited to apply these insights in their journey as aspiring leaders in the field of data science.

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