The Alumni Committee of tri- institute PGDBA program functions to strengthen the bond between institutes and their alumni. A strong Alumni base is one of the formidable strengths of any elite institute. Thereby, the committee acts as a platform where the existing students and the alumni can interact for a healthy, mutually beneficial relationship.

The committee organizes various events such as Alumni connect sessions and webinars, coordinates inter-batch interactions, and acts as the backbone of all PGDBA events and activities by enhancing the alumni network to support events like PGDBA placements and the tri-institute conclave TRILYTICS.

Key Initiatives and Future prospects by the Alumni Committee -
Annual alumni meet: Alumni Committee organizes alumni meet to facilitate the reunion of the alumni. Alumni from all the batches across all programs come together to bond with the institute and relive their old memories. The meet spans the whole day, including various interactive sessions, panel discussions, and fun-filled activities.

Interactive Sessions: Knowledge sessions are organized, where our alumni come and share their experiences about their work and industry. The students get a picture of corporate life and expectations from them.

City Wise Chapter: City meets are planned to be organized once a year. Current students pursuing SIPs in their respective cities will get an opportunity to interact with alumni and build their network.

Annual Newsletter: An annual newsletter is published that contains the highlights of all the activities happening in our college. Special features and interviews with Alumni make the newsletter worth a read.

Executive Members

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