Students will visit the three institutions – ISI, IIT Kharagpur and IIM Calcutta. Each of the three institutes will focus on a separate area of business analytics, in accordance with its expertise and competence. While coursework at IIM Calcutta will focus on the application of analytics in functional areas, ISI will bring to the table its expertise in statistical and machine learning theories for analytics, and faculty at IIT Kharagpur will engage with the technology aspects of analytics. In addition, the students will be required to do an internship of six months duration on an analytics project in a business organization. The programme being residential, each institute will make suitable arrangements for hostel accommodation for the students.

Students successfully graduating from the programme will be expected to join organizations working in the area of analytics. Those interested in higher studies may pursue doctoral or other advanced studies in areas related to analytics.

Academic Calendar Year 2023 - 2024
Pre Semester (IIMC)July 17, 2023 - August 18, 20234 Weeks
1st Semester (ISI)August 19, 2023 - December 31 202320 Weeks
2nd Semester (IIT-KGP)January 2, 2024 - April 30, 202416 Weeks
3rd Semester (IIMC)May 06, 2024 - September 30, 202419 Weeks
4th Semester (Industry Internship)October 01,2024 - March 31, 202524 Weeks
Pre-Semester Course List IIM-Calcutta – Core Course
Sl. NoCourse NameCourse Type
1.Marketing ManagementCore
2.Financial Reporting & AnalysisCore
3.Contemporary Business AnalyticsCore
4.Organizational BehaviourCore
5.Managerial CommunicationCore
Semester - I Courses at ISI
Sl. NoCourse NameCourse Type
1.Computing for Data SciencesCore
2.Fundamentals of Data Base SystemsCore
4.Statistical Structures in DataCore
5.Stochastic Processes and ApplicationsCore
Semester - II Courses at IIT KGP
Sl. NoCourse NameCourse Type
1.Data Science LaboratoryCore
2.Foundations of Algorithm Design and Machine LearningCore
3.Modelling in Operations ManagementCore
4.Regression and Time Series ModelsCore
Electives - I
5.Big Data ProcessingElective
6.Complex NetworkElective
7.Deep LearningElective
Electives II and Ill
8.Product AnalyticsElective
9.Supply Chain AnalyticsElective
10.Optimization arid Business Decision AnalysisElective
11.Basics of Marketing AnalyticsElective
12.Business Accounting and Banking AnalyticsElective
13.Healthcare AnalyticsElective
Semester -III Course List - Core & Elective IIM-Calcutta
Sl. NoCourse NameCourse Type
1.Categorical Data AnalysisCore
2.Business Data MiningCore
3.Business EconomicsCore
4.Project ManagementCore
5.Strategic ManagementCore
6.Human Resource ManagementCore
7.Corporate FinanceCore
1.Selected aspects of Advanced Predictive ModellingElective
2.Econometric Methods with Applications in Business and EconomicsElective
4.Computational FinanceElective
5.Pricing Revenue OptimizationElective
6.Games & InformationElective
7.Leading Professional TeamsElective
8.Bayesian Methods for Business AnalyticsElective
9.Intercultural Business CommunicationElective