At PGDBA, the scope of education extends beyond the classroom teaching. A significant portion of learning and development comes from the life at campus and interaction with fellow students. The essence of the Institute's teaching has been to develop the student's mind and to bring it to a level where understanding the fundamentals of everything is essential; fundamentals not just of academics, but also of the various aspects of life that one seems to be losing in this tech-savvy world. What could be better than being a student of 3 prestigious institutes! PGDBA is a course which gives the students a chance to learn the depths of statistics involved in Business Analytics from ISI Kolkata, ML programming at IIT Kharagpur, and finally apply their knowledge learnt over on the actual business scenarios, at IIM Calcutta.

There is plenty of scope for indulging oneself in extra-curricular activities through the plethora of clubs and special interest groups that strive to serve as outlets for the zeal and enthusiasm of the student community. The added benefit of a tri-institute program, is that one can participate in extracurricular activities of all the three institutions. There are a variety of sports, cultural, business and literary events throughout the year. There is something for everyone. These activities not only help in channelling the student’s energy positively but also ensure development of holistic and well-rounded Analysts.

People form teams and participate in various online competitions hosted by the top-level institutes such as IITs and IIMs sponsored by the top companies of the country. All the 3 institutes provide students with facilities for various sports like basketball, football, cricket, tennis etc. Students participate in sports competitions and have achieved success in all the institutes especially Sectional wars held at IIM Calcutta. At Sectional Wars PGDBA students bagged medals at badminton, cricket, tennis, pool and chess tournaments. Students hone their sporting skills at Jnan Ghosh and Tata Sports Complex, taking part in Inter IIT Sports meet. Kshitij, SF are one of the prime tech fests to take part in. PGDBA students also have achieved the title of Arena Candidate Master by FIDE in the year 2022. Apart from these activities, various guest lectures are organised for students which are addressed by prominent leaders from the fields of business, politics, arts etc. IIM Calcutta organised the 33rd lecture of ILS on the topic of “India and the world” which was delivered by hon’ble Minister of External Affairs, Dr. S Jai Shankar.

Here, the students get to witness and be a part of these Splendid events:

  • Kshitij (Spring fest of IIT Kharagpur): Students from IIT Kharagpur and from many colleges around the nation take part in a wide range of social and cultural activities throughout the festival. The events' scope includes a variety of disciplines, including dance, music, drama, photography, literature, quizzing, food festivals, and fine arts. All of the events have extremely high participation rates and fierce competition, notably the signature SF events like Nukkad, Shuffle, Wildfire, Rangmanch, Centrifuge, and Lake Side Dreams.
  • Integration (ISI Kolkata): Since years, the annual techno-cultural-sports festival of the ISI students has served as a venue for students from different schools to interact with ISI students through a variety of events and competitions with alluring awards.
  • 7 lakes fest (IIM Calcutta): The Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta's largest campus festival, 7 Lakes Fest, is held over three days and is one of the most anticipated college festivals in the nation. Participants from some of India's most esteemed institutions can use the platform to display their abilities in business activities, music, dancing, quizzes, sports, creative, theatre, and literary events.