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From The Eyes Of A VLMPian

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“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Embellished with verdant flora and scenic lakes spreading all across, IIM-Calcutta aka "JOKA" campus is every visitor's 'To Be' place. After spending significant years in the hustle of the corporate world, this turnaround to academia truly feels like a retreat but there's a lot more up for us than what it looks at first glance. The façade surely hides the rigor and arduousness that the curriculum poses as soon as one jumps into the fishbowl. Being pioneered and driven by 3 premier institutes of academic excellence, learning the right from the best certainly brings a deep sense of repletion and commitment with a subtle fear of missing out & to be unable to cope up with such burden… but late-night chats with cohort swipe away the entire heat.

The Hostel equipped with all modern amenities is distinctly named and positioned strategically at a stone throw distance from the New academic Block, Gymnasium, badminton court, basketball court, Swimming pool, which helps students to save a lot of time and energy that can be constructively used. Late-night assignments submissions, case preparations, group presentations, productive discussions on trending , and unplanned weekend plans are obvious which visionary leaders are pinned during the transformation journey. The program really 'takes you to places', thus making travel plans to IITs, JAPAN, Industries, etc seems customary act. Alike all other students we too have exam jitters to be managed effectively and efficiently.

During this voyage, the association we develop with the institutes and the memories we make on campus are etched in our mind forever. We are not merely students but also the ambassador of VLFM community, and this responsibility and honor shall grow upon us till the end.

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”

Warren G Bennis

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