Minimum Eligibility Criteria For Pgpex-vlm (Batch 2022-23):

First-Class Graduate Engineers with First Division/ First Class Marks from Secondary Examination onwards.

Work Experience
  • Self-sponsored candidates, not in service. - Minimum 4½ (four and a half) to maximum 10 (ten) years of work experience in manufacturing, engineering, and related sector; holding responsibilities in production planning and control, research, design and development, quality control, plant engineering, maintenance, supply chain, construction, etc.
  • Sponsored candidates need to have a minimum of 4½ (four and a half) years’ work experience only. In these cases, there is no upper limit of experience.
  • Candidates on study leave also need to have a minimum of 4½ (four and a half) years’ work experience only. There is no upper limit of experience in these cases. They are eligible for participating in the placement process only on submission of a “No Objection Certificate” from the Company/ Employer. Please note that participation in the placement process does not guarantee placement.

The date of computation of the number of years of work experience shall be 28th February 2022 for the academic year 2022-23, i.e., 16th batch.

Candidates are advised to ensure meeting the minimum years of work experience to remain eligible for admissions. If not, the candidature will not be considered further for admissions process and the application fee will not be refunded.

Any suppression of fact or false information will lead to the rejection of candidature at any stage of the admission process.

Shortlisting Criteria For Final Selection To Pgpex-vlm (Batch 2022-23):

Short-listing of candidates for the written test will be done based on eligibility criteria and evaluation of statement of purposes and/or any other criteria as decided by the admission committee for that academic year.

Shortlisted candidates have to appear for a written test consisting of Verbal Ability, Quantitative Ability, and Engineering Ability. The written test will be conducted in four cities (Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, and Delhi). The mode (and feasibility) of conducting the written examination is subject to the advisories and guidelines of the Central and State Government during the admission process for the 2022-23 Batch.

Candidates shortlisted after the written test are called for a Personal Interview (PI) at the host institute.The mode of the interview will be finalized depending on the circumstances and Government advisories.

Selection will be based on academic records, work experience, and performance in written test and personal Interview. The competent authority of the Tri-institute can change the admissions criteria at a later stage depending on the feasibility of conducting written test or personal interview at a later stage. The decision of the competent authority will be treated as final.

A candidate’s final score for selection is calculated based on Table 1, which indicates the criteria and their weights for the final selection to PGPEX-VLM for the batch 2022-23.

Table 1: Criteria and weights for final selection to PGPEX-VLM

Written Test 30
Secondary Percentage 5
Higher Secondary Percentage 5
Engineering Degree Aggregate Percentage 5
Work Experience 5
Personal Interview 50
Total 100

The method of allotting points for Class XII percentage based on aggregate marks is given in Table 2 below:

Table 2: Points for Bachelor in Engineering ,Class XII & X marks *

Marks ( in %)Weights
60 and above 1
70 and above 2
80 and above 3
90 and above 4
95 and above 5

* For computing the percentage of marks obtained in Bachelor in Engineering ,Class XII & X, the aggregate marks of all subjects that appear in the mark sheet or grade sheet would be considered irrespective of whether the Board considers them for calculation of percentage.

For work experience, a maximum of five points will be awarded depending on the length of service as on February 28, 2022 (Please refer to Table 3). Only formal work experience after completion of a qualifying degree will be considered. Training/project work/work done as an integral part of curricular requirements will not be considered.

Table 3: Points for work experience in completed years

Work Experience (x in years)Weights
4.5 <= x < 5 3
5 <= x < 6 4
6 <= x < 7 5
7 <= x < 8 4
8 <= x < 9 3
9 <= x <= 10 2

The Tri-institute PGPEX-VLM Admission Committee will consider all the above performance indicators to develop the final merit list. Minimum qualification in accordance with the above-mentioned criteria would not automatically qualify the candidate for admission into PGPEX-VLM. Any suppression of fact or false information will lead to the rejection of candidature at any stage of the admission process.

Reservation Policy:

No reservation is applicable for the program. The selection will be strictly based on the merit and the criteria elaborated above.

Any dispute concerning Admission to the PGPEX-VLM Batch 2022-23 would be subject to jurisdiction of the competent courts within the territorial jurisdiction of city of Kolkata only.