The MBAEx student admission subcommittee organized theme-based webinar sessions during the admission cycles for the academic session 2024-25. Webinars are hosted as panel discussions on various diversified topics:

Table 1: Showing the details of the Webinar topics and dates Admission Rounds Topic Date
1 Round 1 Own your SOP: Generative AI cannot generate your SOP July 9, 2023
2 Round 1 SheAscends: FemTech and Navigating MBA Interviews August 13, 2023
3 Round 2 Learning Beyond Books September 17, 2023
4 Round 2 Next Generation Leadership October 1, 2023
5 Round 2 Product Management to Product Leadership: Learning from MBAEx October 8, 2023
6 Round 3 MBAEx Live Projects: Transforming Education into Experience October 29, 2023
Webinar Topic: Own your SOP: Generative AI cannot generate your SOP

The panel discussion was held with MBAEx's youngest and distinguished alumni

Mr. Sayantan Mukherjee, Mr. Chandan Das, Mr. Veerapadmanaban V, Mr. Manas Mishra & Mr. Naman Agarwal on "How to develop your SOP".

Webinar Topic: SheAscends: FemTech and Navigating MBA Interviews

Panel discussion with our youngest alumni — Ms. Twisha Mukherjee, Ms. Sreejita Neogy, Ms. Apoorva Patel along with Madhavi and Suhasini from the current MBAEx Batch. The panel also included Dr. Nandita Roy (Faculty-Business Ethics and Communication Group) and Dr. Pragyan Rath, Chairperson - MBAEx.

Webinar Topic: Learning Beyond Books

Panel discussion held with MBAEx current batch students – Pranav Chadha, Tushar Joshi, Akshat Kumar, Shubhankar Bhardwaj, Luckshya Dagar , Harsh Trivedi about learning opportunities in MBAEx which extend beyond academics. They presented Student Positions of Responsibility (PoR).

Webinar Title: NEXT GEN LEADERSHIP through MBAEx lens

Panel discussion on emerging and futuristic topics like Behavioral Finance, Fintech, Tech in Logistics Management, Digital Payments & Micro-entrepreneurship, Digital Divide in the age of AI, Behavioural Strategy and Personal Branding with IIM Calcutta faculty members from different academic groups – Dr. Vishal Bansal, Dr. Abhipsa Pal, Dr. Karnika Bains, Dr. Sudarshan Kumar, Dr. Avijit Bansal, Dr. Lakshmi Goyal, and Dr. Vimal Kumar.

Webinar Title: Product Management to Product Leadership: Learning from MBAEx

Panel discussion was held on “Product Management to Product Leadership” – insights into leadership roles in Tech Industry. MBAEx Alumni Ms. Sanjukta Sen, Ms. Maitreyi Gupta, Ms. Varsha Bennur, Ms. Disha Chhabra, Ms. Komal Ved & Visiting Faculty – Arun Sreelalan Iyer were the panellist.

Webinar Title: MBAEx Live Projects: Transforming Education into Experience

Panel Discussion on MBAEx live project: Transforming education into experience with MBAEx alumni Mr. Subhum Somani, Mr. S Venkatesh, Mr. Pranav Gupta, Mr. Kapil Yadav, Mr. Ankit Lohia, Mr. Atul Kumar Pandey, Ms. Pooja Priya & current batch Avijit Deb Sarkar & Lokesh Chinni. The panelists were all student Live Project teams for their respective batch – from Batch 13 to the current batch (17).

Disclaimer: The live recordings are not available for post webinar viewership