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Sl. No.Academic GroupCourse NameCourse CodeCourse Instructor (s)Course Objectives
1EconomicsIndia and the World EconomyEC-EX103Prof. Mritiunjoy Mohanty
  • Introducing patterns of growth and structural change in successful and prosperous economies and societies.
  • Familiarising with necessary rather than sufficient conditions for prosperity.
  • Inculcating abilities of assessment of performance of the Indian economy and the role of globalisation in light of the necessary conditions established.
2Operations ManagementManaging World Class OperationsOM-EX103Prof. Peeyush Mehta
  • Enabling analytical approach to structure and solve operations related problems.
  • Developing an understanding of the role of production and operations management in firms’ success.
  • Learning to review the processes and systems that affect the operations of firms, through detailed analysis and description of different types of production and service operations and discuss in detail the operational planning and control systems that enhance the competitiveness of firms.
3Finance & ControlCorporate Financial ManagementFI-EX103Prof. Purusottam Sen
  • Understanding core principle of Value Maximization and how it influences decisions within an organization
    Valuing financial instruments such as Bonds and Equity
    Learning mechanics of Money and Capital markets
    Identifying implications of capital markets in determining required rates of return
  • Assessing and evaluating leases
    Weighing project / business viability
    Recognising various approaches concerning capital structure decisions
  • Acknowledging issues and controversies related to dividend policies
    Admitting various dimensions of working capital management
    Understanding principles related to basic applications of options and its applications in Corporate Finance
4MarketingMarketing Management: Strategic IssuesMK-EX103Prof. Saravana Jaikumar
  • Exploring relationship among corporate, SBU, product and brand objectives.
  • Providing long-term perspective so as to avoid creating weaknesses or problems because of the dominance of short-term goals or operational problems
  • Developing skills and techniques employed in formulating integrated marketing strategy and then examine the tools necessary to execute and implement this strategy in an integrated fashion.
5Public Policy and ManagementRegulatory & Legal EnvironmentPP-EX101Prof R Rajesh Babu &
Prof V K Unni
  • Recognising role played by the legal and regulatory systems in the context of business.
  • Creating exposure to various issues pertaining to the fundamentals of legal systems and the constitutional framework, basic principles of the law of contracts and special contracts, various legal structures to doing business like proprietorship, partnership, limited liability partnership, companies, etc.
  • Learning importance of law in protecting consumers and intellectual property.
6Strategic ManagementStrategic Analysis & ChoiceSM-EX101Prof Biswatosh Saha
  • Developing capability to distinguish between business (or economic) rivals and allies: Western and Indic views on Strategy
  • Analysing Economics of deterrence/moats and cooperative alignment of interests
  • Responding to competition and disruption and Business and corporate strategy