The 16th batch of MBAEx (AY 2022-23) visited Mannheim Business School in Germany and ESSEC Business School in France for their immersion module between March 06 and March 18, 2023. As per earlier years, students were at the business schools for two weeks; the 2 weeks at the business schools included classroom lectures, industry visits, and group project work, the topics and scope of which were decided by the faculty members from the business schools. The students worked on the topics in groups and made presentations while they were at the business schools. These projects were evaluated by the immersion partner schools. 
ESSEC Business School, France organized the module “Doing Business in France” while Mannheim Business School, Germany organized the “Global Immersion Module”. 
The ESSEC module comprised of lectures on: “Global strategy in the European Context”, “Luxury Branding”, and “Why is France the perfect place for entrepreneurs” among a few, and visits to companies like L’OREAL, Hotel Le Crillon, Baker McKenzie among others.

Students who had gone to Mannheim Business School for their immersion, attended lectures on, “The German mindset and cultural identity as drivers behind Europe’s economic powerhouse”, “Success factors of the German Mittelstand”, “Entrepreneurship from a German Perspective” and so forth and visited companies like Hager Group, BASF, Mafinex, among others.