Sl. No.Academic GroupCourse NameCourse CodeCourse Instructor(s)Course Objectives
1EconomicsMacroeconomicsEC-EX102Professor Parthapratim Pal
  • Comprehend basic foundations of macroeconomics and
  • Highlight why business executives must understand macroeconomic factors and government economic policies to evaluate firm and industry performance
  • Appreciate interrelations among important macroeconomic variables like the GDP, employment, interest rates, inflation, exchange rates and international trade; and
  • Explain how these variables and policies can act as headwind or tailwind for business and,
  • Provide future business managers perspective of the business environment in terms of closed and open economy macroeconomics
  • Recognize the implications of monetary, fiscal and exchange rate policies and
  • Provide students with a toolbox for basic understanding of changing global economy
2Organizational BehaviourDesigning Effective OrganisationOB-EX102Professor Vidyanand Jha
  • Develop an appreciation among the participants about the macro determinants of behaviour in an organization, namely organization structures, systems and processes
  • Develop an appreciation among the participants about the organizational environment and its interrelationship with macro and micro aspects within an organization
  • Develop an appreciation among the participants about the impact of organizations on the larger society and
  • Develop the ability among the participants to design an organization to optimize its effectiveness
3Finance & ControlCost ManagementFI-EX102Professor Sudhir Jaiswall
  • Build a deeper understanding and analysis of cost information
  • Leverage key takeaways like product costing, budgeting, variance analysis, ascertaining relevant costs for decision making, and responsibility accounting in a global, competitive environment
4MarketingMarketing Management: Foundation ConceptsMK-EX102Professor Suren Sista
  • Introduce Marketing, its concepts, theories, and applications
  • Understand and intelligently apply marketing concepts
  • Foster appreciation for foundational course in Marketing to pursue advanced courses in marketing
5Operations ManagementOperations Research in Managerial Decision MakingOM-EX102Professor Bodhibrata Nag & Professor Megha Sharma
  • Operations Researchers utilize mathematical modelling techniques in concert with empirical observation and occasional experimentation to arrive at solutions to management problems in government and industry
  • Introduce students to Operations Research through a combination of lectures and computer models using EXCEL. Model formulation and use of the computer will be emphasized in applications to a broad spectrum of management problems
6Business Ethics & CommunicationManagerial Communication-IIBC-EX102Professor Nandita Roy
  • Learn Strategic Argumentation, Framework & Application in Written and Oral Communication context
  • Develop Data Narratives and Hermeneutic Interpretations for Diagnosis of Business Texts
  • Argue through a business narrative to arrive at business solutions
  • Prepare business cases through Situation Analysis, Problem Analysis and Decision Analysis as a comprehensive Insight Report
  • Extract argumentation skills through Case Based Leaning
  • Demonstrate Case Analysis-based Team Presentations with Visual Aids, where the student will learn to :
    1. present arguments effectively through Data story-telling
    2. design impactful slides through visual structures