Chairperson's Message

Chairperson-MBA for Executives ProgrammeWelcome to the MBAEx programme at IIM Calcutta.

In the growing space of management education, and with different subsets of the same – general management (MBA), long duration for working professionals (LDP), data analytics (PGDBA), visionary leadership for manufacturing (VLMP), doctoral programme (DP), and more to come, we, as teachers of management, have a special reverence for a very special programme in IIMC – singular in every way. This one-year full-time MBA for Executives Programme (MBAEx) is special because it mediates multiple worlds, mid-career professionals looking to hone their leadership skills within a tight one-year schedule with campus life, academic skills and industry dreams. It is never easy to become relevant again, yet the MBAEx-IIMC programme has been ambitious since 2006 to encourage risk-takers of sorts to attempt senior roles in industries.

MBAEx stands out significantly different from regular management, leadership and executive programmes. MBAEx is different because it has been able to develop a sub-culture of sorts – the new age industry personality – the MBAEx C-Gen. As the world is getting smaller because of digital mixing, the emphasis is shifting from YOUTH vs EXPERIENCE to TRADITION vs INNOVATION. MBAEx is also important because market is opening up to LEARNING CURVES, and not necessarily temporalities (age!).

How do we create a platform for a mixed generation of thinkers coming together from diverse spaces to create perhaps the most paradoxical cohort ever – the current batch has an average age of 31.3 years and close to 8.5 years of work experience. And yet the very same class is the youngest cohort in the history of MBAEx-IIMC – it just turned 16. Tradition says, it is sweet!

With great pride, let me introduce the eclectic members of the current batch, and along with that, the rich diversity of industry knowledge that comes with this programme over years – Aakash from Retail, Abhijeet, Abhishek R, Akanksha, Akshay, Alind, Aman J, Aman K, Ashutosh B, Chinmoy, Harsh, Hitesh, Jagannath, Kanishka, Manas S, Parikshit, Sayantan, Srijita, Sumedha, and Taresh from IT & ITES, Abhinav, Chandan, Mudassir, Naman, Rahul C, Sumona, and Vikas R from Consultancy, Abhishek K, Abhishek U, Anamitra, Rahul, Jatin, Kunal, Rahulkumar from Manufacturing, Adrija from Petrochemicals, Akshansh, Rajiv KS, and Rahul S from Healthcare, Akshita, Apeksha, and Rachit from Financial Services, Anil from Audit, Hrishikesh, Shivaprasad, Pooja, and Shashank from Banking, Aman M from Education, Anchal from Entrepreneurship, Ankit from Defence, Atul from Aerospace, Ashish P and Prateek from E-Commerce, Ashish R, Jitendra, Mohit, Zain, and Tejaswi from Power & Energy, Madhusudhan and Utkarsh from Mining & Energy, Ashutosh H, Manas M, Apoorva, Siddhartha, Souradeep, Swapnil, and Vivek from Automotive, Ashwin from Media & Entertainment, Atul S from Agribusiness, Bidesh from EPCM, Rajesh from NGO, Jignesh from Construction, Manojit from Electronics, Mosaddiqque from Telecommunication, Shounak, Veerapadnaban and Bhargav from Petroleum, Shouvick from Insurance, Shrishti from Travel & Tourism.

The students of MBAEx programme are ready once again to develop their own unique learning curve through and hopefully beyond the global pandemic eco-system, and with them, we at IIMC re-learn for the 16th time that it takes a lot more than any, to watch, imagine and support the ‘future-in-progress’!


Pragyan Rath
(Chairperson, MBAEx-IIMC)