Chairperson-MBA for Executives Programme

Message from MBAEx Chairperson, Dr. Pragyan Rath

Jimi Hendrix said long ago, “Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.” What takes industry practitioners, to leave their jobs and maybe civilizations, take a year off, and re-locate in the Joka backwaters? Is it just about a premiere B-School? This tale of ambition, resilience, and transformation is unique to the one-year-full-time-residential-MBA (MBAEx as is currently known, and once upon a time, known as PGPEX) inclusive of diverse industry practitioners (minimum criteria being 5 years of work experience).

In India, the two-year MBA has been the age-old familiar space of ‘youth,’ fresh from top colleges. Gradually management development and long duration programmes for working industry practitioners have emerged in management education space. Analytics and Manufacturing domains have lent themselves to specialised management education as well. Doctoral programmes on management education have been consistent with academia. In the ever-dense crowd of budding MBA degrees and emerging B-Schools in the Asian and even more contextually, the Indian landscape, IIMC-MBAEx is like the Auteur that has progressively advanced into a distinct market force, straddling the nursery phase in 2006, the 2008-09 economic crisis, the 2019-20 pandemic, and currently standing tall, unique, and ‘coming of age’ for an adolescent (this is the 17th batch).

MBAEx17 is an Auteur, precisely because, it has
  • Aspiration: Is the real Gen Zeeee of MBA programmes, hence a contemporary 17-year-old consistently scaling – programme strength is on the rise, which also indicates the relatable market concentration, potential and future.
  • Universal Industry Appeal: Is diverse in industry practice, and hence is the only programme that produces leadership expertise that fits all sizes and needs – from public to private, consulting to general management, analytics to manufacturing, tech to premium leadership, people management to growth strategies, oil to green, legacy to entrepreneurs – you name it, we have it.
  • Teleological Growth Narrative: Is a narrative of leadership that looks at industry as the purpose and not the cause, thus enculturating students with a future-ready mindset. The one-year curriculum spanning behavioural sciences, technology, management fundamentals, people insights, sustainable practices, and strategic decisions prepares a professional already with considerable know-how of both industries and capabilities to lead firms looking to transition or transitioning into more agile futures.
  • Inscape and Instress Designing: Press the re-fresh button to rediscover themselves as people, as managers, as leaders, as collaborators, as individuals – learn to recognise a design between Individuality and Skills as dynamic realignments of self-awareness with self-branding.
  • Evolutionary Journey: Is a knowledge-based layover for MBAEx students with work experience, looking to transition into leadership roles. They are here for the long haul – the marathon. We have over 800+ alumni who have come a long way pre-MBA, through MBAEx, and post-MBAEx to now capture leading roles of responsibilities in leading firms globally.
  • Responsibilities: Class of ’24 is a future-ready cohort of 77 resilient practitioners who have built their skills in their pre-MBA firms, and are now contributing to Institution-Building through their several Positions of Responsibilities. Our in-house managers, leaders and teams from Batch 17 have been keeping MBAEx17 in news:

    • SheAscends: From FemTech to Women in Management to Women in Leadership, MBAEx17 says it loud and clear, “she ascends.”.
    • Content Wizard: Website and social media and brochure content show a marked difference, now you know the talent behind
    • Academic Engagers: Team building, study groups, and past-experience sharing attitude – this is the space for people management and in-house skill development scope.

      Chairperson-MBA for Executives Programme

    • Social Networking Council: MBAEx goes digital thanks to this team – they have brought in incremental growth to the organic effort initiated by SNC-16 – scale in reach is significant and student driven
    • Lattice: The team behind the only business conclave of IIMC – it is scaling higher each year – this tests your event management skills.
    • International Immersion: The team behind management of the prestigious International Immersion Module of MBAEx
    • Student Admissions Council: All your admission webinars and admissions related queries – the team that sees through it all – the MBAEx musketeers who serenade prospective students.
    • Alumni: We are proud of our alumni, and the network is significant for us – Homecoming is the alumni get-together event.
    #MBAEx Alumni rocks.
    • Sports Council: They have revolutionized MBAEx participation in campus sports
    • Live Project: Sourcing, moderating and nurturing – Live Project is the distinguishing feature of MBAEx with a parallel project development with industry/faculty mentors – this is your turn to try out live industry or academic or both as projects.
    • Hostel / Mess: Precursor to general management roles; it facilitates between administration and students
    • Student Council: From budget to intra- and inter-collaborative efforts with all other programmes and campus clubs – MBAEx in-campus brand developers
    • MBAEx Review magazine – intellectual capital of the batch
    • IT & ISG – cloud
    • Class representatives: From electives to academic modules – facilitators with Faculty, Students, and Administration
    • Placement Prep: Who helps you prepare for industry interviews, coordinates mocks – the team that actually builds the placement skills
    • Placement Representatives – The world is a map and the team brings in destinations to the destination seekers.


And finally, I proudly present in my final year as MBAEx Chairperson, the genuinely resilient and talented business school autiers – our class of ’24, Batch 17: Aadhar, Aadit, Abhishek M, Avinash, Akash, Akshat, Amit, Anindya, Ankur, Anuranjan, Arunesh, Atul, Avijit, Bhavya, Chandan, Ashwini, Lokesh, Ashish, Gajendra, Ayush, Hitesh, Govardhan, Aniruddha, Kartik, Kishore, Madhavi, Kunal, Luckshya, Pavan, Manoj, Mayank, Tanvi, Haripriya, Nabarun, Neeraj, Nishant, Nishant G, Parikshit, Partha Sarathi, Pankaj, Jinesh, Piyush, Pradyot, Prakash, Pranav, Preetam, Puneet, Purnendu, Rahul, Rajdeep, Randhir, Rishi, Ronak, Sahil, Sahil D, Sandipta, Saumya, Sayan, Sayantan, Sharath, Shivam, Shivam P, Shruti, Shubhankar, Siddharth, Soumik, Soumya Ranjan, Sourabh, Suhasini, Sumit, Praneeth, Harsh, Tushar J, Tushar K, Tushar S, Vishal, and Vivek.

Carpe Diem: Seize the Day!