Sl. No.Academic GroupCourse NameCourse CodeCourse Instructor(s)Course Objectives
1EconomicsMicroeconomicsEC-EX101Professor Runa Sarkar
  • Cover broad principles of microeconomics that underlie and affect all business decisions
  • Study important features of consumer behaviour, firm decision-making, and government interventions
  • Explore how the aggregation of individual decisions determines market outcomes and focus on production and costs and the salient aspects of firm behaviour
  • Examine firm pricing strategies in monopolistic and oligopolistic industries and the impact of asymmetric information, externalities, and public goods on market outcomes and welfare
2Organizational BehaviourHuman Behaviour at WorkOB-EX101Professor Nimruji Prasad & Professor Rajiv Kumar
  • Understand factors contributing to one’s own effectiveness, and team and organizational success
  • Learn the guiding tenet of this course – “why do people behave the way they do?”
  • Observe how to become effective team players and organizational citizens
  • Acquire leadership competencies that are necessary in today’s real world
3Finance & ControlFinancial Reporting & AnalysisFI-EX101Professor Manju Jaiswall
  • Recognize basic structure of financial statements (Balance sheet, Profit and Loss account and Cash flow statement). Study nature of items that usually appear in financial statements of public limited companies
  • Analyse financial statements and arrive at a logical conclusion about the operating and financial strengths and weaknesses of a public limited company
4Management Information SystemsInformation TechnologyMI-EX101Professor Debashis Saha
  • Develop comprehensive foundation for understanding the disruptive role emerging information and communications technologies (ICT) are playing in enabling, transforming, and innovating business – be it small, medium or large
  • Gain perspective of the strategic roles of and the operational issues in managing ICT as manifested in key resource planning, analysis, and design, both as a propeller and as an enabler of business transformation
  • Explore
    1. the use ICT as an underlying infrastructure resource for all business functions
    2. how companies design in-house ICT/digital systems to support their business models as well as enhance business processes
    3. how companies formulate appropriate ICT/digital strategy, (iv) how companies are managing digital disruptions that are transforming business, and
    4. finally, how companies manage ICT/digital complexity effectively
5Operations ManagementManagerial StatisticsOM-EX101Professor Sahadeb Sarkar & Prof Saibal Chattopadhyay
  • Equip students with knowledge of modern statistical methodology
  • Prepare knowledge that will be crucial in reaching efficient managerial decisions under uncertainty
  • Create basis of business analytics and
  • Play major role in key areas of management science such as finance, marketing, operations and organizational behavior
6Induction and OrientationBasic MathematicsIN-EX101Professor Sahadeb Sarkar & Prof Saibal Chattopadhyay
  • Equip students with various mathematical tools and techniques crucial in reaching efficient managerial decisions
7Business Ethics & CommunicationManagerial Communications 1BC-EX101Professor Pragyan Rath
  • Demonstrate Communication Strategy, frameworks and techniques that crucially depends on a strategic understanding of audiences, objectives, context, alternative media of communication and choices of technique and style
  • Emphasize Persuasion Strategy, frameworks and techniques that underwrite multiple forms of managerial communications
  • Generate strategic content using Persuasive Techniques and delivery aspects of Oral Communication in formats of ‘Public Speaking’
  • Reinstate the belief that the skill of ‘public speaking’ – which requires the ability to orally communicate an idea, opinion and/or information without the support of any ‘visual aids’ – is the foundation of all oral communication
  • Inspect the role of psychographics in Pitch Strategies: what, how and to whom we deliver what we do!