Placement Statistics - 8th Batch

MBA for Executives Programme Placement Report – 8th Batch

All the students who opted for placement were successfully placed. Out of the 50 students, 2 students opted out of placement.

Key Statistics

Total no. of students 50
Total no. of offers 54
Highest Salary 33.70 Lacs
Average Salary 22.77 Lacs

Sector-wise Distribution of Offers

IT Products 12
Consulting / IT Consulting 10
E-Commerce 8
IT Services 4
Analytics 2
IT Software 2
Power 2
Real Estate 2
IT Sales 1
Nutraceuticals 1
Consumer Electronics 1
Total no of offers (Domestic) 54

The roles offered to students ranged from mid to senior level with designations such as Asst. General Manager, Solution Architect Director, Sr. Principal Consultant, DGM – Finance, Program Manager – IT, Manager – Ad Review Operations, Sr. Consultant, Delivery Manager, Manager - Strategy & Transformation Office, Manager – Pathways, Sr. Product Manager, Business Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Solution Architect Manager and Manager- Decision Analytics.

A total of 55 Companies participated in the placement hiring process of which Accenture, Amazon, Dell, Microsoft, Google, Ford Motors (IT), Snapdeal, Atos Consulting, Deloitte Touche and Oracle with major offers.

The first time recruiters were Snapdeal, Atos Consulting,CESC, Ford Motors (IT), Omni Active, Oracle, Micromax, Protivity and Sears IT.